Final Fantasy 7 Android release date after iOS

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2015

You may be aware that Square-Enix has just launched Final Fantasy 7 on iOS, following up the promise that they made at this year’s E3 to bring the iconic game to mobile.

Not for the first time though, many Android owners are now sitting here wondering when Final Fantasy 7 for Android is out.

As far as we’re aware, the game is coming to both platforms but there has been no confirmation of a Final Fantasy 7 Android release date at any stage.

Square-Enix has not given an update for Android users during the rollout of the iOS version this week, so we can understand the frustration that we can see at the moment from some of you.


Has Apple secured another period of exclusivity to ensure that the Android version remains a mystery for several months, or is it just a case of bad communication from Square-Enix?

If you are wondering what has happened to the Android version this week, let us know what you think about it.

The good news at least is that the mobile port looks to be very solid with a very handy control scheme translated nicely onto touchpad.

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  • WaiT

    I heard that final fantasy 7 coming to android mid november-december

  • Boose

    I hate the Apple first BS, but at least I’m on an Android and I can just continue to play FF7 on my PS emulator. I would support the android release, but if they don’t want to support Android then f**k them (right out the gate/no delay for Apple favor-ism). I’ll just continue to play for free.