Pokemon Showdown random battle with Hoopa Unbound

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2015

For those that need an introduction to Pokemon Showdown, we have a new video for you to check out this week showing a Pokemon Showdown random battle online with a Hoopa Unbound.

If you have been playing this game online, you’ll know that a random encounter with a level 70 Hoopa Unbound is a rare sight that doesn’t happen too often.

Now you can check out this battle, online with a series of other random battles in Pokemon Showdown to see what you think of the game.

Anyone can play through the browser and it literally takes seconds to get placed into a random battle once you have selected a unique username.


We’re surprised that this game has been online for as long as it has in beta format, with Nintendo not shutting it down yet.

We’ve heard that it is non-profit, but then at the same time the website includes multiple ads for revenue so this isn’t the case.

You may want to enjoy Pokemon Showdown while it lasts, as it currently has an impressive community with thousands playing the game at any given time.

What has been your most memorable random battle in the game so far, share the outcome of it below!

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