Black Ops 3 slide backwards mystery

The Black Ops 3 beta is now live and we can see that many of you are loving the three multiplayer maps so far that Treyarch has offered up.

Straight away, many of you may be wondering how to be effective with the power slide in Black Ops 3 and if there is a way how to slide backwards in Black Ops 3.

Some players are saying they can power slide backwards whilst wall running, while others have said that they can perform a 180 degree turn in mid-air, landing into a reverse slide.


Either way, we haven’t got the hang of it yet and we’re sure that many of you are currently running off walls and committing suicide multiple times to get the hang out it properly.

Something tells us that if you do master the power slide in Black Ops 3, then it could mean the difference between being a top tier player or mid-tier as it can really get you out of some tricky situations.

What are your experiences so far with the slide in Black Ops 3? Have you been able to perform any unusual moves using it, like a backwards slide or not?



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