Destiny Nepal shader code to release today

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 19, 2015

The Destiny Nepal shader code will be in the hands of players at some point today, or at least the first lucky few due to Bungie explaining they will release in batches. The official Twitter account for Bungie Foundation revealed that they will start emailing Destiny Nepal reward codes today.

You can see the exact tweet below that thanks followers for their patience. Finally, they said they will start “sharing Nepal reward codes tomorrow in batches via email”. Of course, the tweet went out yesterday for today, so keep an eye on your mail box on August 19, 2015.


Have you been waiting for your Destiny Nepal reward codes and that shader code? The Nepal Aid T-Shirt FAQ page on Bungie answers many of the popular questions, which includes information for those that sent their t-shirt to friends or family. In this situation, you will still get the digital shader and emblem.

You would have noticed the recent Destiny update notes included a line in regard to adding Nepal Aid emblem and shader support. All you need now is that email, so if you got yours leave a comment below to let others know they have started to be sent out.

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  • Joan

    did you receive it? I am still waiting…

  • David Botelho

    I got my code. But not home to equip it yet. Can’t wait!

  • Lewis

    Really can’t wait!

  • Simon476G

    I hope those who purchased the shirts first get a code first, as I must have been one of the first.

  • Collin

    Bungie that took you some time to sort, anyways looking forward to getting my code today.

  • Alex-Max

    Finally, I will get it today. Keep refreshing my email, nothing yet.

  • Jake

    I’m starting to feel superior, just for the fact that my shader is almost here.