Black Ops 3 wall running with multiplayer tips

How are you getting on with the Black Ops 3 beta so far? The wall running aspect is a game changer for many of you we expect, so we can now bring you some Black Ops 3 wall running tips to get you up to speed with those already accustomed to it.

As you can see, there is a power slide feature in Black Ops 3, where you press circle whilst running. You can do this straight away after landing from a wall run, opening up some great possibilities for advanced players who really know how to use Black Ops 3 movement to the best strengths.

To get you started, we have offered up a Black Ops 3 movement tutorial in the form of a video from TheGamingRevolution.

It includes basic tips for how to wall run in Black Ops 3, along with some tips on how to get the best out of the thrust jump in Black Ops 3.


You may not realise but you can simply tap jump in mid-air to extend your jump, or hold down the button to jump a longer distance.

When wall running, you can even stop mid-way through turn around and wall run in a different direction in the same swift movement – definitely something that hardcore players will want to learn as soon as possible.

Have you mastered Black Ops 3 movement yet? Let us know if you have any early tips to share for beginners below.



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