Black Ops 3 beta cannot install issues, fix explained

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2015

Today is Black Ops 3 beta day on PS4. For some users though, you may have be having problems with a Black Ops 3 beta cannot install error message on PS4.

We can confirm that it is happening as we actually saw the same error on our system. If this is happening to you, the fix to solve the problem is to update your PS4 firmware to the latest version which is 2.57.

It turns out that the Black Ops 3 beta needs 2.57 to work and recently Sony introduced a couple of minor updates from 2.55 so many of you could still be on this version.


If you are on 2.55 still, you will get the ‘Cannot install Black Ops 3 beta’ every time you try to play the game, so you will need to get to 2.57 to ensure that it works.

Once you have done that, you should be able to install the 12GB beta, along with a supplementary Black Ops 3 beta update file on PS4 today.

Let us know if you are having problems with this and if any of you received the same message today.

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  • Jake Bettesworth

    I have brought a copy of black ops 3 and it came up saying it can’t read the disc, so I tried a different game and it worked? So I went back to the shop and changed it and it still saying it can’t read it? Please help!! Thanks

  • Jadie Leigh

    Thanks, can now play the beta 🙂

  • Asdg

    Thank god it fixed it

  • KoolADBestRapper

    Thanks, this fixed it.

  • Pete

    updating to 2.57…..aaaaaaaand…….IT WORKS! wootsauce.

  • William

    I let mine download all night and it still is not finished, I have full bars, and when I test my internet connecting it says 23 mega bites per second. It still says it will take 6 hours.

    • Pete

      doesnt really have anything to do with the no install issue…..just a slow download. I have 47 mb down and it took a huge amount of time….woke up and it said it cant install!

  • Peter Nudo

    i have a error code issue when it is connecting to the server any help?

  • Ursula Parker

    Hi im having issues the download starts gets so far then theres an error i restart and it downloads a bit more and gets an error firmware is updated dont know what is causing it