Smite Celestial Wedding patch notes with PC 2.12 update

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 18, 2015

There’s a new Smite update for PC gamers to enjoy on August 18, 2015, although the servers are currently down for scheduled maintenance and it’s said to last “a few hours”. This brings changes seen in the Smite Celestial Wedding PC 2.12 patch notes, which Hi-Rez already detailed in full online and we have included details below on this page.

We have already seen a few problems, as one Product Reviews reader mentioned the download gave this error “failed to install the Hi-Rez Studios authenticate and update service”. It’s not clear why Smite won’t update the game and install the download for some people, so if you are hit by these issues then we’d love to know the errors you’re receiving.

How did your Smite update go today and did you have any problems? You can see part of the new Smite Celestial Wedding patch notes below, which details new Voice Packs, Training Map, User Interface changes, and Jungle Practice being updated.


Those of you wanting the full changelog in this update can visit the Hi-Rez Studios patch notes page. This includes wider details on fixes to Gods, and other items like with blinking that continued “to be affected by Crowd Control”.

Any problems with the Smite game and servers should be detailed on our outage page. This allows players to connect in relation to game issues, also it lets you know if others have the same issues.

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  • RobT

    Very happy with the PC patch notes, many of the fixes I have been crying out for.

  • Ben

    The servers are down and this is why these errors are taking place. Once the Smite maintenance is over and servers come back up, install the update today at some point and all should work fine.

  • Lewis

    I got the “failed to install the Hi-Rez Studios authenticate and update service” error as well, anyone else?