GTA Online 1.29 update isn’t going live today

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 18, 2015

Over the weekend we published details about the Grand Theft Auto V Online server maintenance that’s taking place right now with servers down for another hour. This led to gamers wondering if the GTA Online 1.29 update is going live today, after the maintenance ends, although this isn’t the case and received confirmation from Rockstar Games on Twitter.

Ever since the GTA Online maintenance started today, players have been asking directly if new GTA V DLC will go live with the 1.29 update once servers return? You can see a few tweets within the screenshot below, even though there’s been hundreds of responses to eager gamers in relation to this exact question.


The general response from Rockstar Support is, “This is routine maintenance to improve overall online performance”. They continue to explain that the downtime isn’t, “related to new content”. This answers a number of questions Product Reviews has received from PS4 and Xbox One readers, asking about if new DLC will go live soon.

Currently, the GTA Online version is 1.28 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The GTA V update notes for 1.28 can be seen on this official Rockstar page, so this is also the first place that will detail 1.29 release notes when they finally arrive in the next few months.

How has the GTA V Online shutdown for August 18 impacted your gaming plans? Also, did you hope to see new DLC content today and if so what would be ideal? You can leave your wish list for the next update below, or detail GTA V problems on our dedicated outage page.

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  • Dante

    They need more customizations overall for all vehicles its boring using the same parts from last gen

  • Marios Georgiadis

    the brand new upgrade we will send a company that you are can you give more details to hackers and connections but mainly with the hackers that needs to be done and solving them pull out of this game enters the world to revel

    The big levels as 8000 and Big Κiil/Ratio which did not go to their value these people are removed from the game did not mean for anyone, but must finally become something it is a pity

    To understand I am 437 level and plays 2.5 years almost not made any, hack and is the K/D 10,00

  • I expect nothing good from Rockstar. I expect whatever they do to be broken.

  • Charles Raisor

    they shouldn’t even be updating with new content and what not til they fix the problem that PC users have that makes the game UNPLAYABLE, if you peek in or out of cover, jump or crash your car after 1.27, you experience MASSIVE FPS DROPS, that means if you’re fighting in the overworld, vs cops or gang attacks, you can’t do anything, and can’t do deathmatches where players peek either. was stable 90+ fps pre 1.27, now 70 with dips down to 15 or less.

  • Joe Smo

    I bought this game from the PSN store back in January for the Ps3 and it sucks ass. Constantly struggling to get in an online session without getting timed out. Always having to que up to join friends in online sessions, online lag is horrible, buildings or road don’t load when driving around the city. Modders or glitchers every session you go too & finally…. 8 million little 10 year olds running their mouths from the comfort of their Mommies basement, acting tough on a mic lol thats just some of the things that make this game totally suck!

    • rick

      Calm your ass

    • Li Ku

      STFU get a better internet connection

    • McKinley Dickson

      well for one, the child popultation is alot lower than most other mainstream games ie call of duty, battlefield, etc.etc. Second, The lag is amazing, i play with people from austrailia china bosnia the netherlands and on and on… Also, start invite only sessions to play with friends and avoid modders… the game is alot of fun, otherwise my picky ass wouldnt have spent 572 hours on PC alone after moving up from my PS3 (200+ hours there)

    • McKinley Dickson

      also, I think over a billion dollars in sales says your wrong it doesnt suck

    • McKinley Dickson

      but i digress, there are some serious issues right now rockstar should address. at least with a press release to shut me up..

    • Justin Aaron Novosad

      get a ps4 or xb1 then. most “adults” have moved on to next gen or PC

  • Joe Smo

    Your maintenance for 7 hrs didn’t do a dam thing Rockstar! timed out timed out & laggy asf still with modders everywhere, your games a big FK N fail after almost 2 years.

    • rick

      Give rock star a break

    • Li Ku

      Get better internet and get a next gen console then we talk

    • Jerry Cliff

      Maybe you should try and get better internet,this game may connect to R* servers but it relies on P2P to connect to players,so either it is your internet or the ones your connecting to or a little of both.

      If your joining games and it is lagging i am pretty sure it is your internet,maybe your ping is a bit high??Lag comes from delays in getting info back and forth which can cause delays with inputs,to having cars vanish and then come back as well as with players and so on,a lot people confuse lag with stuttering due to the game not running at decent fps.
      The host could also have bad internet and could cause issues,have you tried solo missions if you have no issues then you can at least rule out the game itself.

      If your having issues connecting with others you will know as when you join a server shortly after everyone will say they have left,when really that is not the case it is R* removing you from the server due to issues with your internet it just for some odd reason just says everyone has left.

      Also you will never lose cheaters on that ancient over hyped PS3 Sony nor R* can do anything to stop them they are using consoles that have been hacked and chances are playing on a pirated copy of GTA V.

      You want to get rid of a lot the kids and cheaters then get rid of a lot kids then dump the out dated hardware that any kid slinging hash can afford to buy with one weeks pay.

      Also if it is your net,get better net

  • Patrick Murphy

    the next update should have gamers be able to custom cop cars, open the casino so we can gamble, new muscle cars, new off roading cars, be able to have mansions, and to customize big rigs.

    • Brad Michael Preston

      Everyone knows all future content will just consist of reskinned guns, cars, clothes etc rockstar have no intention of bringing anything big like the casino in

      • squall_loire

        Yeah, aside from anything else they’ll be holding back some features for GTA VI (+ updated Online)

        • Brad Michael Preston

          I suppose the movie editor is an exception but pretty much anything else people want like map expansions or casino etc that kind of stuff won’t get added in rockstar like to add in what they think people want when in fact they’re just looking to nickel and dime people

  • Lewis

    I really though new content would be coming after such a long GTA Online maintenance schedule.

    • rick

      Give rockstar a breakfast

      • fed up