Free Splatoon demo times for US, Europe

We have another heads-up for those that are yet to try out popular Wii U hit Splatoon but have always wanted to. There is going to another free Splatoon demo code opportunity via the global testfire and now we have the information on times when you will be able to access the game for free.

In US, players can try Splatoon for free for two hours a day over the course of three days. In Europe, access is limited to one hour only but the demo period will last longer than America – ending on August 28 compared to August 23 for North America.

Below are the Splatoon demo start and end times for Europe and US – courtesy of Nintendo life who has supplied the useful format showing multiple time zones.


You should be receiving a Splatoon demo code via email, allowing you to download the demo in advance in preparation for the free access period.

Are you planning to take advantage of this, this weekend and find out why all Wii U owners can’t get enough of the game at the moment?



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