Early Zombi review for PS4, Xbox One, PC

Today is officially Zombi release date day on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As we told you earlier, the digital game has now been confirmed to cost $20 and now many of you will be looking for a Zombi review on PS4, PC and Xbox One to see if it is worth buying this week.

Fortunately, we can see that a few early reviews for Zombi have already gone live on YouTube for those that have received a copy in advance.

If you are tempted to pick up the game that originally appeared as an exclusive Wii U game called ZombiU then we suggest you to watch the videos that we have included below.


There has been a lot of skepticism in the build up to the next-gen and PC launch, but we think the $20 price makes things a lot easier with many now more willing to jump in.

GamesRadar has just compiled their Zombi review on PS4 too, although the verdict isn’t good with a 5/10 and calling the game a ‘lazy port’ which features an ‘erratic control scheme’ as the most terrifying aspect of the game – ouch.

Watch the clips below and let us know if you are planning to buy the game this week. Will you wait to read more reviews first, or is $20 a good price for you?



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