Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 world preview

Kingdom Hearts 3 gets better and better each time we see it and now following on from D23 2015 there has been some very exciting Kingdom Hearts 3 news for fans.

It’s now been confirmed that there will be a Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 world in the game, with Sora being able to ride Baymax and integrate with Hiro and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team.

Even better, we can give you an idea of what this is going to look like as Tetsuya Nomura has shared a concept image at D23 showing Sora riding on Baymax in the Sky with Keyblade firmly in hand.


It looks amazing and if you have seen Big Hero 6 and loved it the chances are this is going to be a great experience playing through this world.

We’re also hearing that the Big Hero 6 events in Kingdom Hearts 3 will carry on from the end of the movie so it doubles up as a kind of tie-in if you like to keep you busy until the next movie arrives.

We’re not sure about you but we can’t wait to see the first KH3 Big Hero 6 gameplay. Give us your reaction to this new world below – what worlds are you waiting to see confirmed?



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