iOS 9 beta 6 likely for testing partners

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 17, 2015

The hope of seeing iOS 9 beta 6 release this week at the normal time with biweekly schedules is unlikely, especially considering the room left for the Gold Master. We say unlikely due to major bugs requiring the iOS 9 beta 6 download either on Tuesday Aug 18, or Thursday Aug 20, the latter being exactly two weeks since the previous developer build.

Last year – Those following Apple news closely each year will remember the iOS 8 beta 6 only went to testing partners, so developers missed out on this build and had to wait until the GM. This happened on Aug 18th, last year, but we have been tipped the same could happen again in 2015.

Another reason for no iOS 9 beta 6 is the seed quality, as there’s no major problems being reported by developers at this time. While some people have battery life problems with iPhone 6 / 5S, these are normal percentages seen with various installs and not the majority of users with the current update installed.


Would you be happy to see iOS 9 beta 6 seeded to Apple testing partners? Not all developers will be happy with this outcome, even if it’s exactly what we saw at this time last year. Once Apple releases to testing partners, we should be able to see the iOS 9 beta 6 release notes like we saw leaked from testing partners previously.

All Apple partners will have until early September to accept the build, again as we have seen each year. This will follow a pattern of just before the Gold Master download, also a couple of weeks before the rumored iPhone 6S release date. We expect a changelog to arrive at some point this week.

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  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    I’m very pleased with iOS 9 beta 5. Battery in iOS 9 beta 5 is so much better than any iOS 8 build. I get about 2 hours more battery in iOS 9 beta 5. The Wi-Fi assist is the feature that kept me using the Beta rather than go back to the official iOS 8.4.1 build. Really not all that much to complain about. Only true complaint I have with iOS 9 beta 5 is during set up, Apple will not give you the option to completely turn off iCloud which is typical in beta, iOS 8 betas went through the same thing. I also don’t like how you can’t submit app/game reviews on betas but thats nitpicking . Final issue I have iss Do Not Disturb. Sometimes after turning off DND, apps and games still have no sound. The only other complaint is some compatibility issues with some apps/games but that’s in the hands of those developers not issues with the OS itself. For instance Battery Forecaster 2 you can’t see the text to make in app purchases or restore purchases. But as I said overall I am very pleased with iOS 9 beta 5 and if the final version is mere fixes to those issues it’s a complete OS ready to ship.

    • toikr

      Android 6 has great battery life.

      • Xeno NightmareDreamer

        I see. It’s so widely available on the market now that it’s overwhelming apple with it’s extra juice power.

  • MikeG

    I don’t expect to see a beta 6, as a developer I want iOS 9 GM next and that will come during the Apple keynote in early Sept.