PSN down with GTA Online for Aug 18 maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2015

The PlayStation Network and Grand Theft Auto Online will both see servers go down for separate maintenance schedules on August 18, 2015. It is a pure coincidence that Rockstar and Sony planned work to their servers at these times, even though GTA Online will be down for a 7-hour maintenance window and the PSN status page only talks about 1.5 hours downtime.

Grand Theft Auto Online maintenance for August 18 – You can see the tweet from Rockstar below, which details GTA Online undergoing maintenance on “Monday, August 17”. While this is true, the scheduled downtime starts on Monday in the United States and continues into Tuesday. This of course is for the Eastern Timezone, so those in the UK will see GTA Online down from 4AM until 11AM and EST Aug 17 at 11PM until 6AM on Aug 18.


PSN scheduled Aug 18 maintenance – In terms of PS4 and PS3 users, you will see separate downtime for the PSN servers that will start at midnight PST on August 18, 2015. This runs for 1.5 hours until 1:30AM PST, or in the UK you will see PSN access limited from 8AM until 9:30AM.


As always, sign into your PSN account before the scheduled maintenance to carry on playing games and applications. Some apps will still stop working during this time, even if you have signed in before the outage starts. If you want to manage your PlayStation account during this time, then that won’t be possible until the Aug 18 maintenance is over and PSN servers come back up.

Remember you can leave any error codes you see and detail other problems within our problems pages. Leave related issues on our PSN user status page, or the GTA V outage hub. You can expect the above downtime, but feel free to detail your opinions and other problems below, or within our outage hubs.

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  • BigG

    Just got kicked out from sessions once again, now I can’t connect to gta 5 online and have been trying for 10 minutes.

    • Sandy

      I got a few disconnects, funny thing is the GTA 5 online server maintenance don’t start for around 13 hours yet.

  • Katie

    This won’t bother me thanks to being at 6th form and not gaming, as long as PSN is back up by the time I finish school.

    • Ricky

      Sadly, I have the day off work on Tuesday and wanted to play GTA 5 and I am on the PS4. I will try to sign in before, but this hasn’t always worked for me and sometimes I cannot play online at all even after signing in before PSN goes down. Hope it’s different this time.

  • Ben

    This is perfect for PS3 and PS4 owners, as having the maintenance scheduled at the same time means less downtime. Well, if you play GTA 5 that is.