Xur selling Gjallarhorn today is no joke

We have just a short while to go until that man Xur turns up again in the tower or reef today. As always, we look ahead to what Xur is selling today with some last minute predictions for August 14.

Last week, Xur offered The Last Word hand cannon, along with the Voidfang Vestments, Eternal Warrior and the highly sought after Bones of Eao.

What is Xur going to have for us this time around though? We have added a few videos for you below to check out, showing predictions from community members as we wait for Xur to arrive.


Red Death has been predicted by one member, so do you think he will have this or are you hoping to see something else? Thunderlord would be our prediction so let us know what you think.

Remember to get Xur’s arrival times and map location in our separate article here. Once Xur is live we will update this with the accurate information for you as soon as possible.

Update: Xur is live and we can’t believe that he is actually selling the Gjallarhorn! Other items include the An Insurmountable Skullfort, Achlyophage Symbiote and the Light Beyond Nemesis.

Unbelievable. Get it while you can for only 17 strange coins – give us your reaction below!



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