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iOS 8.4.2 release uncertainty before iOS 9 Gold Master

Well, iOS 8.4.1 is now out there and ready for you to download if you have not done so already. However, its release has already opened up a new debate, and that is whether there will actually be an iOS 8.4.2 release seeing as though iOS 9 Gold Master looks set to be released for download on September 8, 2015?

There is just over three weeks to go before iOS 9 GM is released and so therefore we do find it hard to believe that Apple would still be working on iOS 8, because surely the main focus will now be on the public release of iOS 9?

iOS 8.4.1 improves Apple Pay

Having said that, some people might not want to upgrade to iOS 9 right away, and so Apple could always release iOS 8.4.2 for the best support possible for its devices. It is clear that we just don’t know how Apple plans to play this, but if we were to guess, we would say iOS 8.4.1 is the last update for its current version of mobile OS.

What’s new in iOS 8.4.1? The new version has been in the testing stage since mid-July, and so we finally get to benefit from the new changes made to Apple Music and Beats 1. Several issues have been resolved, all of which can be explained in the image below.



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