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Marvel Future Fight best team with Wasp 6-star review

If you are looking to assemble the best team in Marvel Future Fight, we have one fantastic video for you to take a look at now giving you clear reasons why you should never overlook the potential of Wasp.

Specifically, we have a Marvel Future Fight 6-star Wasp review for you to take a look at. It gives detailed reasons why Wasp, Yellowjacket and Giant Man / Goliath may well be the best team up in Marvel Future Fight ahead of favourites such as Created Ones and most recently, Team Pym.

The secret to this is Wasp’s leadership skill, which can add up to 18+ attack, 18 % defense and 6% all speed when 6-star as Wasp – to any team and not just Universal Heroes which is what Ronan’s similar skill does.


If you combine the 18% attack from Wasp’s leadership at 6-stars with the 13% attack team bonus with Yellow Jacket and Giant Man, you can get an overall attack boost of over 30% which is incredible.

Watch the video below to see this broken down and to see how this team performs on auto play in arena against other 6-star teams.


We guarantee that some of you may look at Wasp in a different light after this and may even consider dropping some Chaos Tokens on her since she is hard to grind right now after the reduction in shifter rate on Ant-Man special missions.

What is your Marvel Future Fight best team at the moment? Do you agree that using Wasp, YJ and Giant Man is one of the best in the game?



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