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Samsung Galaxy S7 specs envisioned before Note event

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not the next flagship handset from Samsung, but people are still curious to know what its specs will be even before the Galaxy Note 5 eventrumored to be this month. There have already been several rumors of what to expect, and while some of them could be incorporated into the next S smartphone, we will also get a better idea once the new 2015 Note model is revealed.

One Galaxy S7 rumor suggests that this could be the very first handset to come with a holographic display, as Samsung has applied for the patent for the technology to be used on a smartphone screen. The thought of a handset that is able to display objects in mid-air, holographically would be a huge deal for the company – although we have to wonder if such a feature is wanted by users?

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date

Pocket-lint has more details on this technology, although we can tell you that a special case would be needed in order for the holographic display to work as intended.

Other Samsung Galaxy S7 specs have been envisioned, such as the S7 Edge model rumored to come with rear-touch controls very similar to the PS Vita. This would allow S7 users to interact with their handset more, but we have to wonder if we are ready for such tech to be incorporated onto smartphones?

We could also see the S7 get a 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD display, Snapdragon 820 CPU and also run on the new Android M OS, or whatever it will be called.

These are only based on rumors, but what specs would you like to see on Samsung’s flagship handset early next year?



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