Rare Replay Games List with missing titles

If you haven’t discovered Rare Replay yet, we’re here to remind you that the legendary developer is back with a collection of some of their finest titles to date all in one package.

The Rare Replay games list includes 30 titles from Rare’s illustrious history, but there’s also some notable absentees too which sadly haven’t made it.

You can probably guess that Donkey Kong Country is one of them, while Golden Eye is another. They were two of Nintendo’s biggest ever sellers so we’re not surprised that they are not included in the Xbox One collection – although it would have been amazing.


There’s still some great games though, such as Battletoads, Battletoads Arcade, all three Banjo Kazooie titles, Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero, Jet Force Gemini and wait for it, Killer Instinct Gold too – even though the original is not included.

You can check out the full list of Rare Replay Games above in the lovely visual included. As for a full round-up of Rare titles that didn’t make the cut for whatever reason, you’ll find this very insightful guide from Destructoid useful.

Let us know if you have already bought the game and what your thoughts on it are. Are you also not surprised to see DKC and Goldeneye missing off the list?



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