New Pokemon ORAS Shiny Rayquaza code for US

Attention all Pokemon ORAS owners now, as we have news of the next major Pokemon ORAS US event giveaway. This time, EB Games in Australia, as well as the Nintendo Network for North American players are offering up a rare Shiny Rayquaza code for Pokemon ORAS free of charge.

This version of Rayquaza will come with a Dragon fang item, which can raise the power of all dragon type moves. Rayquaza will also come with the deadly Dragon Ascent move which not only deals big damage but lowers opponent’s defense stats too.

If you live in North America, you can get this as a mystery gift via the Nintendo Network with only WiFi needed.


For those in Australia and New Zealand, you can instead head in to your nearest EB Games store and pick up a serial code for Shiny Rayquaza with the same abilities.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no information on when this event will be available for UK players and others in Europe – we’ll keep you posted though.

For a chance at getting one of the rarest Pokemon in ORAS for free, you should definitely take up this opportunity if you haven’t yet.

Let us know if you already have your shiny Rayquaza and what your thoughts on it are.



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