Ideal Life is Strange Episode 5 ending?

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 12, 2015

What would be the ideal Life is Strange Episode 5 ending Xbox, PC, and PlayStation gamers want to see? The series started at the beginning of 2015 and with weeks between episodes, gamers are left wondering and debating what will happen next? We saw the last instalment release at the end of July, so now we look towards the first week of September for Life is Strange Episode 5 and the final ending.

While the release date is still to be announced, we can safely bet on the first week of Sept or very late August for the finale. The interactive adventure video game has really captured the players and in our opinion, Dontnod Entertainment has outdone themselves with this title.

The perfect ending to Life is Strange? Of course, this topic has no way to limit spoilers and as such, if you haven’t watched The Dark Room you should avoid reading any further, especially within the comments.


If you don’t mind spoilers, or have seen all episodes to date, then feel free to watch the episode 4 walkthrough video below this article. It lasts for two hours and answers many questions for those that have, or haven’t played and need it explained.

After watching the video, let us know how you would like to see the Life is Strange episode 5 ending play out? What ideas do you have, leaks you’ve seen if any, and name your ideal ending.

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  • Last

    I’d like to think that Max could just use Warren’s photo to rewind and save Chloe. But, Jefferson has Max in the dark room, and not to mention that he drugged her and she can’t do anything about it.
    My little note to disprove everyone who goes “just rewind to the butterfly or somethin”

  • oni

    i think that the photo with warren and the double moon are connected

  • Jennifer Harrowell

    Not sure about the end as I’m expecting multiple possible ending (otherwise all these decisions were a bit pointless), but I do think the the photo with Warren at the start of the party will come into play. It was just a bit too random to be coincidence.

    My thoughts are a reset to the start of the party (one Max saves herself of course) that saves Chloe then the episode goes on from there.

  • Ineka

    Hope Max go back in time to bring Chloe back I ship Chloe and Max so bad. I hope Victoria or Kate to help Max because she can bring Chloe back

  • Ineka

    I hope max go back in time to bring Chloe back I do not want Chloe today I ship Chloe and max so bad or hope Victoria or Kate help max

  • Retro4K

    Super David Madsen will come to the rescue, obviously. It will also come back to Episode 1 where Max woke up on the path to the lighthouse. At some point she will use the bathroom butterfly photo as there is no reason for her reflection in the bucket, its too obscure a detail. Also, the website lists ‘multiple endings’ so past decisions could come back to haunt some people.

  • Erika Watts

    Someone said a while back they knew the ending to Life is Strange. Not sure if true but I will be looking to see if it does. They said Max has been dead the whole time, same with everyone in the town. She has these time abilities to relive her past to accept her death. They didn’t really explain much more

    • Turtle

      I doubt it. That would be bad game design. However that might be a type of ending you could score…

    • Justin Sawchuk

      I dont believe you erika OH

    • Arun

      I better hope not.. that would be a terrible ending

    • Jennifer Harrowell

      I’m truly hoping that is untrue. That would be a bad ending. We’re talking a ‘LOST’ level of epic bad endings…

  • Alex Bierd

    It has to do something with the lighthouse and her “vision” in the beginning of the first episode. Personally I think she looks at the selfie she takes in class before the top of the lighthouse crushes her. And then she prevents everything from happening somehow. I don’t know but I’m sure dontnod has it figurred out. 🙂

    • william mcloughlin

      i think dontnod will leave room for a sequel

      • Jennifer Harrowell

        I hope so. I’d love for the story around Max to go forward Beyond Ep 5.

  • Stuart Latham

    I think that the ending will lead us into some sort of NG+ where we can go back to the beginning with the knowledge we have now.

  • Neomar Lebron Claudio

    think episode 5 will have multiple Endings….6 To 4 endings like 3 Good endings and 3 Bad endings

    • Mary Chrisco

      That would be cool

      • Neomar Lebron Claudio

        It would

        • Last

          Maybe 1 good ending and like 4 bad endings might be nice, to spice it up a bit.