Black Ops 3 beta code invalid claims increase

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 19, 2015

The Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta key hunt has well and truly kicked off with some gamers receiving problems when inputting their redeem code, or others not wanting to pre-order and trying to access the maps by using free methods. Also, we are seeing many questions in regard to what countries work with the COD Black Ops 3 beta and wondering if Asia is included.

One region having issues is Europe and a few Product Reviews readers have spoken about an error message for Black Ops 3 beta stating, “The redemption code you have entered is invalid. Please re-enter your code”. Even after trying this, in many cases you’re told to contact support and some gamers can’t get this to work either through the provided links.


COD Black Ops 3 beta invalid redeem codes confirmed – we have heard from official support channels that players in Europe have been given “invalid Beta Access codes from pre-orders”. They are working to fix the problem, so if you are being told the code has been entered already or the BO3 beta key is invalid, then contact Activision support for PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

Have you had problems entering the Black Ops 3 beta key and if so, did you receive the invalid redeem code error? If you are one of those impacted by these issues, then leave a comment with your country as well. Also, it will be good to hear if support has helped anyone with a new beta code.

Update Aug 19: Due to it being launch day for the beta on PS4, we are seeing reports of Black Ops 3 beta invalid codes on Twitter and forums. It’s common now to see “my Black Ops 3 beta key says it’s invalid” tweets every hour, and then gamers asking for help.

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  • Lehuanani

    I’m having the same issue 🙁 US – Hawaii

  • xecci95

    So I was finally able to get the code to work. Has anyone else had luck?

  • Dukenfrunch

    United States Xbox one still didnt get beta token.

  • Jack Nguyen

    same here not working in australia to.. what the heck going on..

  • Matt Bolton

    Not working in Australia either

  • Piddy Morgan

    Still not working in Ireland have been trying the past 2 hours

  • xecci95

    Has anyone figured out what to do with this invalid token issue. Their dam support is a pain to navigate through.

    • Piddy Morgan

      I think it’s it could be a overflow of players all trying to access the same content at one time.. Or maybe they are not releasing it in Europe until a certain time I’ve read online that it won’t be playable until 7 am August 26th.. I’m from Ireland myself and I haven’t been able to access the beta yet.. It’s coming up on my dashboard on Xbox one but it’s unavailable..

      • xecci95

        Kicker I am in the US.

        • Piddy Morgan

          It’s a load of crap

  • chet

    I pre ordered a black ops 3 bata from game in lakeside and it saying it has been used when I haven’t typed it it yet so unless they can give me a new bata code then I want my money back

  • Ryan Walton

    i pre ordered from HMV and they give me a slip with the redemption code on, i tried it and it says it has already been used, so i went back to get another code and i tried that one and it still says its already been used wtf? this is a joke

    • Ryan Walton

      (Xbox One/Europe)

  • martin ponce

    The Playstation network card number has already been redeemed. ps4/usa

  • Shane Patteeuw

    The Redemption Code you have entered is invalid. Please re-enter your code….. wtf is this ?

  • Justin

    Mine keeps saying its invalid and i need to reenter it usa ps4

  • Brandon

    Mine also says invalid, got a new one and that one also says invalid. South Africa

  • Kevin xiong

    Invalid code for ps4. United States

  • Dayton Short

    My code is saying it is invalid
    United States

  • Mohamed A. Oraby

    I have the same problem in middle east

  • nala gates

    hello, my beta keeps saying invalid code. Im in the US. Is it just a matter of it being launch day for beta thats causing the issue?

  • Lewis

    My black ops 3 beta code is invalid as well, what do I do?

  • Sarah

    My black ops 3 beta key is not working.

  • Rob

    I’m not getting the invalid code error, but have problems with an error saying “cannot install” Black Ops 3.

  • Luke

    I also got the invalid beta token and i live in the UK. I tried to get a new one but they said that my account didn’t get beta access but I got the tokens when i first used my beta code.

  • Dan

    I pre-ordered black ops 3 at gamestop, so I am in US and this shows it’s not just Europe with issues. My beta code is invalid and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Ben

    I get the invalid beta code as well and live in the UK, anyone got a new Black Ops 3 beta code sent to them yet? I guess I need to contact the store, Tesco.