FanFiction.Net is down, currently under maintenance

Some of you have been asking why is FanFiction.Net down, and the simple answer is that it is currently under maintenance. We do not know how long it has been down for, or when it will be back up. No doubt some of our readers will notice once FanFiction.Net comes back up and will let others know in the comments section below.

When the automated fan fiction archive site went down, it was not that case for all users, although it is down for everyone now. We can already see from the social reaction that people are in need of FanFiction.Net coming back up, but that could be anywhere from a few minutes to hours.

Is FanFiction.Net down

The website went down without any warning, and so we presume that many of its users were in the middle of reading something on FanFiction.Net when it went down.

Is FanFiction.Net up and running yet? This is a question we hope to answer for you soon, so keep checking back here on a regular basis.



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