FanFiction.Net is down, currently under maintenance

By Peter Chubb - Aug 11, 2015

Some of you have been asking why is FanFiction.Net down, and the simple answer is that it is currently under maintenance. We do not know how long it has been down for, or when it will be back up. No doubt some of our readers will notice once FanFiction.Net comes back up and will let others know in the comments section below.

When the automated fan fiction archive site went down, it was not that case for all users, although it is down for everyone now. We can already see from the social reaction that people are in need of FanFiction.Net coming back up, but that could be anywhere from a few minutes to hours.

Is FanFiction.Net down

The website went down without any warning, and so we presume that many of its users were in the middle of reading something on FanFiction.Net when it went down.

Is FanFiction.Net up and running yet? This is a question we hope to answer for you soon, so keep checking back here on a regular basis.

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  • kaitleen

    It seems to be working but has anybody else noticed that there seem to be less stories? I remember that the total story count for VD was around 40k but now it’s 35k…I can’t tell if there are actually any stories missing but it’s still weird…

  • Shorok moustafa


  • Eirin Fay

    I think it’s working now.

  • Llama Mama Bahama

    Anyone having an issue where the updated stories they see don’t get bumped to the front page? Nothing has been bumped since the 11th apparently… No new chapters, no updates, nothing. I’m kind of scared to upload a new story I promised for today because it might not even show up. Suggestions? Can anyone confirm or deny this? (It is a Naruto story, so the fandom is very very active. There are generally a full first and second page’s worth of updates in a day.)

    • Eleonora Colabruno

      I noticed the same thing. When you go on a fandom that was updated Yesterday the stories show up… I thought the site was up again and I tried to update my story and suddenly the fandom had 0 stories… so I think the problem is related to new updates…

  • tori

    ugh! this is horrible, it worked for me but when I wanted to see stories by the update date it went nuts. stories from 2010! does anyone know when it will be up?

  • Isaac Yen

    It work, but then it doesn’t work the next second

  • Zaby

    No wonder my views plummeted this week 🙁
    I kept checking my reviews and couldn’t figure out why they stopped.

  • matthew rosser

    When are they gonna fix it

  • VStar

    Seeing the same thing you’re reporting, with almost no traffic today. I’m holding off on updating my storyline since only followers might know it was there, and that’s not even a certainty.

  • Fraser Williams

    its been happening all day, kept having to refresh the pages I was trying to get on, but went down completely after 21:30 British time

  • Edwin Reyes

    Thank God I’m not the only one with type 2 error and that fic counts appear as zero, i can only access fics with direct link from the email updates

  • KingofKingsFan

    Do you think they are deleting some stuff too? It is just odd to not have any warning.

  • Allison

    What’s even more annoying is that they aren’t even tweeting updates on their official Twitter account or blog that is on the home page of their site. I literally have to google what’s going on.

  • Jalen Frisby

    hmm this maintenance is pissy

  • Goldy

    First, the site was down.

    Then, it came back, but only showed stories updated up to january.

    And now it doesn’t show any stories at all, in any category.

    The weird thing is that the stories are still there. If you have a favorite mark of a story in your explorer or you click a link to that story in another page, you can read it… Or if you know the full url to a story, you can write it in your explorer and it will show up.

    This only means that the problem is with the browsers of ffn.

  • schaefer marty

    I’m trying to read some Naruto fluff to get through the day, and the counter says zero stories. What the hell?

  • Leziony

    Sometimes,it works normally, but ~15 min later, it’s back to 0 Stories (or error type 2 if wanna read Crossovers)

    • Leziony

      What is funny however in all of this is, IF you have the Exact link of the Story, You can read it normally. WTF?

  • Haley

    DAMN I WAS JUST READING A LEVI/OC FIC. I can’t cope. The fangirl in me in having a heart attack

  • Jalen Frisby

    I think their still working on it or something

  • NCIS LA Season 7

    I am having the same trouble and now when j try to search it says that the search engine is down try again later.

  • Viciousness42

    How come they say 0 stories, updates happening back up to January, and nothing to select with the filters? What is going on?! This is messing with my FF reading time!!

  • Luiz

    why when I select what story have been update this day appears nothing ? At books , movies, animes/mangas, TV shows, everywhere where I select update today or even this
    week it says ” 0 stories” ? Does anyone else has this problem ?

  • Andy2013

    I need to post my new chapter nuuuuu

    • Neema Amiry

      what do you write

      • Justin Bernardy


        • Neema Amiry

          what kind of cross overs naruto bleach etc

    • Justin Bernardy

      Same Here xD