GTA V Mod download for Hulkbuster

By Alan Ng - Aug 10, 2015

Following on from the epic Iron Man mod for GTA V, we knew that it would be followed up by something even more exciting. A free GTA V mod download for Hulkbuster is now available to those on PC and it looks amazing.

We continue to be stunned on how clever some individuals are when it comes to creating mods for GTA V using custom tools.

Now you can see how Hulkbuster for GTA V looks, with an equally as expert made Rockstar Editor preview. If you like what you see you can download it by following this link – courtesy of creator LioN KoLLA.


As you can see from the screenshots it looks highly impressive for a first effort after the Iron Man mod and you won’t need us to tell you that you’ll be able to have a lot of fun dishing out carnage in this suit.

What is next though for the Marvel inspired mods for GTA V? What about an ant man mod where you can shrink people? – now that really would be something.

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