Four Xbox One Games with Gold in Sept 2015 preview

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 15, 2015

The Xbox One Games with Gold lineup in September 2015 will likely include four free games in the lineup, which is much better than the normal two games that sometimes repeat a title from the month previously. There’s a catch, and sadly it sounds like you will need to be in the Xbox Preview Program to benefit right now with Xbox One backwards compatibility.

News came at Gamescom in regard to “All Future” Xbox 360 titles within the free Games with Gold lineup, now being compatible with Xbox One through backwards compatibility. This preview program is only available for testers right now, but everyone will be able to use it soon and that includes benefiting from extra free games each month on the latest console.

During Gamescom, Microsoft made it clear the Xbox One backwards compatibility release date will be November. This is when everyone will be able to download and play Xbox 360 free Games with Gold on their Xbox One console.


Are you happy to hear those free Xbox 360 titles will be able to play on Xbox One soon? Not every gamer will want older titles on their new generation console, but considering the indie games, it’s clear there will be great AAA Xbox 360 games coming for free to Xbox One going forward.

Roll on November when backwards compatibility is live for all, but until then it looks like only those in the Preview Program will get to enjoy four free games a month on Xbox One.

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  • Rob Beighton

    I’ve sent over 250 invites over the past 2 weeks n now I’m calling it quits on inviting people. The messages/requests are getting out of hand.

    To all who have sent me friend requests up to now, you will be referred to Microsoft to receive an invitation ( I only send suggestions, they pick who to invite).

    Due to the program getting almost full, please allow UPTO A MONTH before you find out if you’ve been picked.

  • HyperSniper445

    i know you dont want me to put this but if anyone wants to give it to me that would be great thanks. GT: HyperSniper445

  • Rob Beighton

    I’m willing to invite anybody to the preview program. All you have to do is add me on Xbox, the invite will be sent asap.

    Please note: if you ask me to invite you on here by just typing ‘ invite me my tag is…..’ I will ignore it. I’ve sent over 100 invites over the past week or so n typing in each n every gamertag takes forever. It’s easier for you guys to add 1 person then it is for me to add 50!!

    GT: loopedcougar999

    • HyperSniper445

      I added you

  • Branden

    I agree with most people, this is great news and really welcomed, as most of us would be happy to play Xbox 360 games on our new Xbox One. There’s plenty of games that lack the better Xbox One graphics, but are still welcomed on the newer console due to gameplay. It’s not all about graphics, gaming is much more.

  • freekface

    Great news especially as I’m in the preview.

  • Mikey

    I can’t wait to Nov, as I’m not in the preview program. There’s some great games always in the games with gold lineup for 360, so this is great news for me and I will be happy to play those titles on Xbox One if free.

    • Josh

      You could ask someone you know to invite you to it?

      • Misty

        Invite me if possible MistyLouWho

        • Josh

          If you add me on xbox one, I’ll do it in morning as it’s past midnight where I live. My gamertag is zombieringo

        • Joe

          Hi Josh. I added you as a friend so please can you invite me to this preview programme because my friends said they would 2 weeks ago but they still haven’t. Thanks😉 My gamertag is Mr Lollington12