FIFA 16 release date change in UK

EA has just delivered some big news to gamers in the UK. The FIFA 16 release date in UK is going to be changing, so that it now arrives on a Thursday and not the usual Friday for game releases.

As a result, FIFA 16 is out on September 24, not September 25 as many of you were expecting. It now means that UK players don’t feel as angry after seeing US get the game three days earlier and other European countries getting the game one day earlier.

It’s a great announcement from the company and it is going to feel strange in a good way to start playing from Thursday rather than Friday.


This change is also going to affect other titles from EA not just FIFA 16. One of these is Star Wars Battlefront, which will now be available in the UK from Thursday November 19.

Let us know your thoughts on this change if you were initially expecting the game one day later.



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