Bones of Eao Destiny review for best Hunter exotic

Xur has finally done it. After news broke that players were actually saying some prayers for Xur to sell the Bones of Eao, we can’t actually believe that Xur is now selling the Bones of Eao for his August 7 inventory.

For those that have been asking how to get the Bones of Eao in Destiny, Xur is now your easiest route and you only have to pay 13 strange coins to get them.

These are hands down one of the best exotics in the game and arguably the best Hunter boots right now since the launch of House of Wolves.


You only need to look at the reaction on social media to tell you how good these boots are and if the Bones of Eao are worth buying from Xur today.

The simple answer is yes. For a more professional opinion, we have included a Bones of Eao Destiny review from Planet Destiny for you to watch and enjoy.

For those that have been lucky enough to get one from the Trials of Osiris, let us know your thoughts on them and if they really are justified with the tag of being one of the best exotics in the game.

Instant purchase for you today without a doubt? Don’t forget to check Xur’s location on map here.



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