Uber Partner App problems on iPhone, Android

By Alan Ng - Aug 6, 2015

Several users have been reporting issues when using the Uber Partner App after downloading for iPhone and Android.

In many cases over the last few days, complaints involve Uber Partner App not opening and also showing errors when trying to sign in despite several restarts of the app.

You can see some of the problems reported on Twitter below, while many users have also been leaving their feedback on the Google Play page here.


Based on the recent comments by drivers using the Partner app, it looks like the last update for the app has caused a lot of problems – read through the reviews and you will see what we mean.

For those that are still looking for the direct Uber Partner App download link on iPhone – you can find that here. Remember that you need to click it from your iPhone though as there’s still no App Store listing for some reason.

Have you been experimenting with picking up customers yourself using the Uber Partner App? If so, get in touch with us below with any problems experienced.

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  • Affan Ali

    Link provided in the write show ls access denied

  • Affan Ali

    Can anybody please tell me the link to download Uber partner app for iphone7

  • Percy Ferry

    This stuff is still happening in 2017! “Invalid request’ on pick up attempt. Rider cancellations go unreported and you can waste time trying to contact a rider who’s already in a taxi! SIT IN THE SAME SPOT FOR HOURS AND WATCH AS TRIP CANCELLATIONS GO UP BY THEMSELVES!!!
    Uber Support sends you some generic reply and tells you that you are highly valued and that the issue is RESOLVED when nothing has changed. Lost trips that I’m assured will appear within 48 hours but have not after a week. I can sit in a surge area for the duration without a single ride request. I have many bald patches from tearing my hair out!

  • det olok

    After the update last thursday, 7/7, The Uber Partner App began having problems. A request would come on. I would tap to accept and a white box would come and would say ” Request has Expired – ok” or ” Improper Request – ok” in either of these problem when you press ok the ride request would disappear, but the Nav app would keep the address,
    The Also now times out when you tap to accept the ride request, a little white box with a spinning circle until the ride timer ends and the request disappears.
    Also a real problem is NO ride requests in a known busy area and in a surging area. Drove down in Atlantic City for 6 hours on a thursday night with only 3 ride ride requests. Also in an hour and half surging area with NO requests.
    I have full 4G LTE and Excellent WiFi when these problems have occurred and I have tried refreshing the phone to new, turning off, reinstalling, fresh reinstalling by android system clearing, and replacing the phone to get a fresh install on a new phone. These problems only occurred after the last update. I have notified Uber with numerous requests and their final response was;
    ” Meera (Uber)

    Jul 13, 07:42 PDT


    We are so sorry to hear about the trouble here.

    Our team is aware of this issue and we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve it as quickly as we can.

    Again, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you have any other questions in the meantime, I’ll be more than happy to help.



    They did not even care that I am wasting money even turning on the app to go out to drive ( 6 hours – 3 requests no problems 8 requests failed).

    I have an Android 5.1.1 phone with 2gb ram and 16gb storage and 32gb added storage, before opening the Uber Partner App I close all other apps and have tried with Waze and Maps with the same problems

    Does anyone have an app or a link to an app that works properly???

  • sharon

    I also had trouble trying to open the new uber app, it kept going to that blue maze screen and the icon kept spinning around and I tried everything that was possible to fix it plus writing to uber support several times , but finally with a little digging I found the the right info and its fixed :). Go to “manage apps” press force stop on your uber app , then go on Google search and type in update Google play services , then I restarted my phone and the app works!!!:) bye bye blue screen 🙂

  • John Lucas

    I can’t open the uber partner app. When I try to the little circle just keeps spinning. What I can do to fix this?

    • prihartanto wibowo

      I had a same problem too on Samsung Galaxy s5. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall it, reset the phone, update the android OS, but it didn’t work. I e-mailed uber several times asking for help, but they have no clue what was wrong, and they said nothing wrong with the apps. I visited my carrier (AT&T) and they said nothing wrong with the phone. Couldn’t go online for a week because of this.
      This happened after they update the apps version. They could be play trick on this. Idk.

      • Nicole

        this is the exact same thing that is happening to me. 🙁 I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times! I have the s6. I wish I could find the previous version to download instead

        • Al

          Did you ever figure his out? I just went from an s3 to an s6 and it will go to the blue screen and just spin. I need to drive!

      • Al

        So you said you couldn’t go in for a week…how’d you fix it? I just for the s6 and it’s doing the same thing

        • tanto aw

          I visited the Uber office in my local area and I dunno they fix it up…when I asked them if it was because of my account they said no, it was just the system. Weird.

      • John Seck

        I submitting as a guest to help other people. I had the same issue. After trying everything (turn off/on, uninstall/install) I remembered that earlier I adjusted the time on the clock to be what I thought was the correct time. So I made sure that I switched back to device time and that fixed it. To verify that this is the time clock is the cause, I reset the clock time back to my own and the issue came back. So now you all know: the time should match the device time otherwise you are in trouble. Open the time setting and select “device time” (or something like that for your phone)

  • Jonathan Pilapil

    Crappy app. I can’t go online saying I have documentation issues even though all my documents are active. I missed on a few surge areas because I can’t go online. Bull crap!

    • Hayley

      This is my current issue and admin won’t help. They just keep telling me my documents are active! Did you ever get this resolved?

  • Candace0822

    My app won’t update and after uninstalling, it won’t install. It would have been nice to get an email requesting the update before trying to sign on at 3am…..could have slept longer

  • Kiran Hill

    Mine won’t open at all.
    I updated the phone, and still it won’t open. So, I can’t give people rides

  • Matt Turner

    I am using the app on ios9 and there are so many problems with the Uber app and even the integrated Google Maps. It freezes when it is supposed to give me directions to pick up a passenger, then passenger unaware that a driver was located for him.. Directions erratic and constantly changing, pick up address inaccurate often directing me streets away from passenger. App tells me to turn where there is no turn… The Uber map doesn’t have voice commands during trip, the writing is too small and you don’t see where to turn till it’s too late.

  • Erin Bork

    My problem is it randomly freezes to where I lost a trip/rider I was going to pick up bc I had to take my battery out of my phone to get it to shut down. Also, it frequently says “unable to determine your location” when I try to “go online” to pick up riders…