Splatoon update 2.0.0 brings server errors

Everyone has been waiting to install the highly anticipated Splatoon August update. We can confirm that the Splatoon update 2.0.0 is now live and available to download but unfortunately it looks like the Splatoon servers are not live yet, despite having passed the scheduled Splatoon maintenance time window.

To recap, the developers said on the official Tumbler page that the Splatoon servers would be down between 5.50pm – 7pm Pacific Time for the update.

It has now passed that point but we can see ourselves that we are getting a Splatoon error code every time we try to connect so obviously there’s still one or two issues.


We’re not the only ones as you can see here, so it’s almost certain that the developers are working hard on trying to fix the issues as soon as possible and get you back in the game.

As we wait for that to happen, tell us your status below. What Splatoon error code are you seeing as we are getting reports that the codes vary for each user?

For those actually asking how to update Splatoon it should happen automatically once you restart the game – you can read through a summary of new features in Splatoon 2.0.0 here.



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