PSN issues short lived today

We haven’t had to write about PSN being down for a good amount of time which is always nice. However right now, it looks like some gamers are complaining about PSN down on August 5 or 6 depending on region and it appears to be a widespread issue affecting a large amount of users.

Specifically, some are getting the PSN error code E-8200013A today when trying to sign-in to PS4. Others cannot log in to PSN on August 5 full stop and hopefully Sony are already aware of the problem and are fixing.

We say that, but the official PSN status checker website is again showing no signs of problems meaning that it is not being updated in realtime.


You can see evidence that it is affecting a number of users in live feedback from Twitter. Over on the AskPlayStation Twitter page, there has been no confirmation of PSN being down today, or in fact scheduled PSN maintenance.

Are you having issues with PSN right now, or is everything fine? List your region and we’ll try to find some answers for you.

Update: It looks like the PSN issues today were short lived and didn’t last long. Let us know if you continue to have any problems with the service.



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