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Free Windows 10 DVD Player app alternatives

Oh dear, it seems that more people are now taking to social media and warning against upgrading to Windows 10 due to an increasing number of people having issues. Our install was pretty straightforward, apart from the lack of trackpad support. Another issue has now arose, and people have started to get vocal about it, as Microsoft has found a crafty way to recoup some of its money from offering this as a free update for millions of users.

If you did not have to pay for your copy of Windows 10, then you will need to pay for the official DVD Player app. The reason some of you are opting for this app is because it allows you to play old-school disc movies. However, you will need to pay $14.99 for the privilege.

VLC Media Player for Windows 10

This is certainly a crafty thing for Microsoft to do, especially as those of you that had to pay for Windows 10 are able to use the Windows DVD Player for free. We would advise not to even consider downloading this software because it cannot even play Blu-ray movies.

Don’t despair though, as there are free Windows 10 DVD Player app alternatives, one of which is VLC. This will not only play DVDs, but many other media formats as well.

Four other free apps to choose from are GOM Media Player, KMPlayer, XBMC Media Center and Daum PotPlayer.



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