Destiny Loganberry error with server back up time

By Alan Ng - Aug 6, 2015

You might have seen the Destiny Loganberry error and are now wondering what it means, why you cannot sign in, and when the servers will be back up? In a nutshell, this is due to server maintenance for August 6 and the message is telling gamers the servers are down today for this scheduled work, which will last 4 hours.

We have already been contacted with requests for information, asking “how long is Destiny maintenance today” and “when will Destiny be back online”. The answer is different based on your timezone, but you should look towards 8PM in the UK and 12 NOON PDT for USA. This is how long it will be until Destiny servers are back up, although that’s due to the planned scheduled and Bungie already confirmed problems could result in longer maintenance.


Destiny Error Code LOGANBERRY: The exact reason for this code is given on Bungie’s support site, which states “This message indicates that Destiny is undergoing maintenance”. If you were signed in before the servers went down, then you will be chucked out of online play and won’t be able to sign in until the maintenance has finished.

Did the Destiny server maintenance today hit you at a bad time? Also, did you know what the Loganberry error meant?

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  • Scott

    servers are offline in Kent, UK. Wasn’t expecting this downtime today.

  • ben

    How long will destiny be down in EST? Well, I know it’s 4 hours but what time will servers be back in my area?

  • Mikey

    Destiny servers down in UK, I had the day off work and left playing until now, what a fool.