Galaxy Note 5 battery life concerns over small size

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2015

There is already a huge debate going on as to when Samsung will reveal its new Galaxy Note 5 phablet, especially as there have been rumors it could be as early as this month. Let us hope this is true, as all those questions we have been asking over the past few months could finally be answered.

One topic of conversation is the Galaxy Note 5 battery life, as we would presume that Samsung would include a larger battery because of the improved display quality, and also its faster performance.

Galaxy Note 5 battery size

However, a recent rumor may not bode well for those of you wanting more life, as the Samsung Note 5 battery size may only be 3,000mAh. Ok, so we know this is still a decent size, but not when you consider the size of the Note 5 and its rumored QHD resolution, which could demand more power.

What size battery would you like to see inside the Note 5, but be reasonable?

Don’t presume you will be able to upgrade to a larger battery yourself, because it is looking likely that the backplate will not be removable, and so you will be stuck with what Samsung goes for. If this is the case, then those rumors of an SD card slot were also false, and so we will just have to watch this space.

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  • Todd Hyle

    Am I the only one that remembered the new Android M is supposed to allow things to sleep until needed? That will use less battery. I’m no expert but possibly this is the reason for the less powerful battery. Otherwise everyone better get ready to lug around an external power source.

  • loubielou

    Note 5 looks like a larger version of the Galaxy S6,and people already know the Battery Life on the Galaxy S6 is very weak,how can Samsung release the A8 in China with the Micro sd card slot then soon announce the Note 5 without the Micro Sd Card Slot,they are really disappointing a lot of Galaxy phone users Samsung since the Project-Zero,as they are just copying the iPhones when people liked there phones because they offered functions the iPhones do not offer,Motorola X Style will more popluar than the Note 5 as it will be more Affordable plus offers the Micro Sd Card Slot,What will Samsung do if the Note 5 Fails to be Successful?