COD AW Exo Zombies Descent Easter Egg steps to Ending

We knew it wouldn’t take long to completely solve the Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Descent Easter Egg steps and unlock the Reunion achievement in the game.

As we expected, devoted fan NoahJ456 has become one of the first on YouTube to show the ending to Exo Zombies Descent and provide evidence of it with detailed steps.

You can now head to his YouTube channel to see Steps 1-9 and also the ending of the main mode which unlocks a secret Exo Zombies Descent Double Feature mode – which we’ll talk about soon in a separate article.


For now, watch the steps via Noah’s YouTube channel if you are looking for a Exo Zombies descent Walkthrough tutorial.

This is some hardcore dedication right here, but it looks like there may be more secrets ahead once you complete Double Feature mode, we’ll have to wait and see.

Have you already completed the Easter Egg in full and unlocked the Reunion achievement for Descent? How far have you got on Double Feature?



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Exo Zombies Descent Double Feature ending mystery