AW Descent ‘Find all the Drones’ challenge failed

If you are trying to complete the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare zombies Easter Egg for the Reckoning DLC 4 map Descent, then you might have run into some problems after shooting the values and even pushing the button under water with a Goliath.

In fact, the first issue many will have is with the Advanced Warfare Descent Easter Egg Drone Challenge. If you do this wrong then you receive a message “challenge failed”, as seen with the screenshot we took below after attempting step 3 while trying to find all the drones and destroy them.


The main reason you will fail the Descent drones challenge is due to ending the round before you kill all the drones. We had this issue when the drones challenge failed due to a dogs round starting, which is harder to kill all drones before the zombie dogs.

Have you completed the Advanced Warfare Descent Easter Egg yet and if not, did you fail the drones challenge on first try? You can watch the AW Descent Easter Egg ending, or just jump straight in and figure it out for yourself. If you still have problems, then share a comment.



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