Xbox One Backwards Compatibility update in Nov

We have some live news direct from GamesCom to bring you now, as Microsoft has given some fresh news on the status of the Xbox One backwards compatibility update.

Remember that this amazing feature was available live only for those on the Preview Program initially. Now at GamesCom Microsoft has confirmed that the service will be available to all Xbox One owners in November.

Previously the company had said that ‘Holiday 2015’ would be when it would be launched for all Xbox One users, but now it’s nice to see that they have definitely committed to a Xbox One backwards compatibility November release date.

What a fantastic prospect to look forward to, especially given that this will be completely free service which supports Xbox 360 discs unlike PS4 which is digital based and costs money via PlayStation Now.


Microsoft certainly has the upper hand here and it’s no secret on how crucial it is to have disc-based backwards compatibility on any console with consumers still unwilling to let go of the past.

The fact that Microsoft has made this free has instantly won them a lot of fans and we can’t wait to see the Xbox One backwards compatibility supported games list confirmed in the weeks ahead.

What is your reaction to this and what games would you like play the most? It looks like Call of Duty won’t be one of them sadly – more on that later.



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