Rocket League Xbox One release date update

By Alan Ng - Aug 4, 2015

We know that many of you have been asking is Rocket League coming to Xbox One, following on from the huge success of the game and current popularity after releasing for free on PS Plus.

Now, we have the news that Xbox fans will be very happy about hearing. Developer Psionix has now said that they are open to releasing Rocket League on other platforms, going as far to say that they are ‘Absolutely 100 percent going to other platforms’.

Given that the game is only available on PS4 and PC, this is a safe bet that Psyonix are now in discussions with Microsoft on bringing the game to Xbox One at some point this year.

After all, what would cause such a statement? It wouldn’t be deemed as big news if the discussions were about a PS3 release. Wii U is a possibility of course, but Xbox One is the obvious candidate.


The only stumbling block is that Sony may have a timed-exclusive deal in place for a considerable period of time – especially given that it was handed out for free for PS Plus subscribers and that would have required some lengthy discussions behind the scenes.

Still though, it is looking very promising if you are an Xbox One owner and you would love to get your hands on Rocket League.

Would you be happy to pay for the game on Xbox One, or would you expect it free with Games with Gold later this year? Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • booty123456789

    @stein they arent going to xbox 360, no more games are coming out for 360

  • booty123456789

    @2010raspberry:disqus thats so stupid, they would make no money whatsoever

    • Kei

      they make money expecting you to buy a xbox one like a game head

  • Aid

    I want

  • 2010raspberry

    Free with gold. The game should be for everyone to play

  • Connor Mullen (CmullStudios)

    I’ve watched a lot of gameplay of Rocket League and I honestly don’t care if I have to buy it. It looks awesome

  • stein

    What about xbox360’s will they get the game.

  • Mike McMeans

    I don’t need freebies. Just release it and I will buy it.

  • guy

    Free with gold!!!!!

  • slingingaxis4

    I think it should be free with gold because when people spend money on gold they expect to get it free and get other games that are free but if they don’t they have to pay.

  • Munch0203

    I would expect it to be free with gold this year 🙂

    • Jeff

      I assume that’s something like PS+ on Playstation? Considering how popular Rocket League has become, it’s probably not all that likely that Psyonix will set up another deal to give away the game for free. (even though they were paid by Sony)