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List of Windows 10 Mobile Lumia phones supported

Even though there is no specific Windows 10 Mobile release date, we do know it will be in the fall, and what the initial supported Lumia phones will be. There are currently 10 handsets ready to be supported so far, although we expect more will be announced over the coming weeks.

The list of Windows 10 Mobile Lumia phones that will be supported are the Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 640, 640 XL, 735, 830 and the Lumia 930. This is to be a free upgrade and so if you have one of these or was thinking of getting one, then there is a lot to get excited about.

List of Windows 10 Mobile phones

Some of these phone models have started to look a little old in terms of their operating system when compared to its rivals, as well as some of them keep crashing. It’s for this reason why they will be looking forward to their Lumia handset getting the update to give it a new lease of life.

These Lumia handsets with Windows Mobile 10 will also benefit from Microsoft’s new Edge browser, retooled Action Center and universal apps.

Before you get too excited, it could take a while for this update to rollout on those handsets, as we know US carriers offer greater support for Android, and so could slowdown Windows 10 Mobile for several months. If this is the case, then Microsoft needs to get its new mobile OS release ASAP.



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