COD Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC 4 release time

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2015

We have just hours to go until the highly anticipated COD Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC 4 release time on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for US and UK gamers.

As usual, Sledgehammer has not given an indication on when users will be able to download the AW DLC 4. However, as always there is a pattern to when the content usually becomes available and we have a reminder for those that want to know what time Reckoning is out on Tuesday.

Going on previous trends, Reckoning should be available from 1am onwards Pacific Time. This means from 4am Eastern Time and from 9am UK time later in the morning.

Obviously we can’t confirm these as certain times, but the packs always release around these times so it is a safe bet for sure.


As a reminder players will be able to enjoy four new multiplayer maps with Swarm, Overload, Quarantine and Fracture.

More importantly though, we have the final chapter of Exo Zombies with Descent and another Easter Egg for players to complete.

Let us know your expectations of the new content and if you will be staying up until the early hours to download upon launch. Are you braced for a 2am/5am download time if necessary?

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  • Graham Barley

    any body now wat the update about being waiting hour only 40% done .am in london

  • Jon Newman

    my percent is on 50%

  • Jon Newman

    its here guys and its downloading

  • Mad Gamer

    Ok im about tired of waiting its been a hour since 1 am which is around when the first dlc was released pst time (CA).
    It’s now 1:56 am and yet majority of people still don’t have it .

    • Bye Felicia

      got it !! pst time 2:00 am thanks AW

  • Codie Nicometo

    i got it what % is your guys mine is 10%

  • xLibbyLux

    Waiting in South Carolinaaaaa :d

  • unknown

    Just recieved update for dlc in Texas

  • Tommyb3870

    Very slow downloading right now.

    • Joseph Solis

      Where are you?

      • Tommyb3870

        Illinois, central time zone.

        • Joseph Solis

          Ok thanks

    • Codie Nicometo

      aright im doing it be right back

  • Tommyb3870

    One thing that may help. Do a hard reset on your system and then go back into COD.

    • Codie Nicometo

      how you do that press the botton for 10secs

      • Tommyb3870

        Hold power button until it shuts off.

  • Codie Nicometo

    HELLOO does anyone know eastern time realse date it says 4am its a lie im about to call

    • Tommyb3870

      Calling anyone will do you no good.

      • Codie Nicometo

        its not comming it says 4am its past 4 am and central got it arealdy

        • Tommyb3870

          Hard reset your Xbox.

  • Codie Nicometo

    i have not got it its 426 AM eastern here

    • Codie Nicometo

      does anyone know

  • Joseph Solis

    Anybody know when it comes out for pacific?

    • Jacob bbb

      Bro we might have to wait all the way untill 2-3 i live im California and still nothing..

      • Joseph Solis

        Im in California too.

        • Jacob bbb

          I know sucks we get the short end of the stick .

        • Joseph Solis

          People in central us are getting it before us.

        • Codie Nicometo

          im not getting it im eastern 4:41

  • Carlos47

    Anyone in Texas get it yet?

  • cghncyn

    My central time is 3:23 right now and I don’t have it

  • Danny

    Search up the dlc should show up on some of you

  • Cohen R

    Man i haven’t got it yet and it’s 1:15 am pst time (California) 🙁

    • guisseppe santistevan

      The store is updating for us in Cali

      • Cody..

        I know i seen but after it updated there still isnt anything there but ill give it more time…. I guess west coast gets it last :/.

  • Tommyb3870

    Im getting in central right now

    • fggvncdnh

      MO and IL is central right

      • Tommyb3870


  • Joshua Perry

    I got it in Minnesota, that’s central time if you don’t know lol

  • Colin Ferguson

    got it for central

  • Jon Newman

    i got it

    • Tommyb3870


    • Justin Mazur


  • Colin Ferguson

    if anyone in central gets it soon help a brother out

    • Tommyb3870

      Getting in central right now

  • Tommyb3870

    Anyone get the DLC yet???

    • Diego Garcia

      just waiting for it 🙂

      • ggggveeewjkk

        What time does it come put for central

        • Tommyb3870

          By this article it would be 3am, but I know I’ve received all the previous DLC’s before 3am. Still nothing for me as of now though.

        • gggggzevvr

          Thank u tommy

        • Tommyb3870

          Getting it central right now.