Windows 10 slow and clean install

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 31, 2015

Microsoft will be tracking feedback about the Windows 10 upgrade being slow for a growing number of users, although most of these people wouldn’t have installed the operating system from fresh. The ability to install Windows 10 with a clean install for less problems is becoming clear for users today, in fact some have decided to start again to solve current issues.

You will see that you’re not alone with some common issues today, forums are filled with comments in regard to “Windows 10 being super slow”, “constant freezing and slow to respond”, as well as seeming to be slow but users unaware if it’s just them.


Is Windows 10 slow for you today and did you perform a clean install? Those of you that managed to get past issues with the download getting stuck, or internal power errors when installing to a laptop, might now be dealing with freezing like this user and black screens/slow boot ups like these people.


They are also not alone, just look at the tweets here in the past hour from users reporting Windows 10 is slow. If you check yourself on Twitter, then you will see reports from users every few minutes throughout the day. Some are related to slow downloads, but there’s plenty of tweets along the lines of “Windows 10 is crazy slow”.

We should point out that some hardware might not meet the system requirements, but this won’t always be the case. It could also be related to graphics drivers needing an update.

How to do a clean install of Windows 10 – if you are already running the OS, then click settings from the Start Menu, go to “Update & security”, then “Recovery” followed by “Get Started” under “Reset This PC”. Once there, you just click “Remove Everything”.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, then you can aim to force the update with a clean install using this method. If you have other solutions for clean installs, leave them in the comments to help others.

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  • Hal Dey

    Win 10 loaded fine on my Surface Pro 3, slow on my HP Desktop, and not at all on my laptop. On laptop goes to 75% completed then hits error message, can’t migrate data.
    Win 10 has issue with file explorer. When looking at a large folder with subfolders and many files, I tried to open a file near the end. FE kept jumping back to the beginning of the folder. This happened on both Surface Pro and Desktop.

  • Sopth

    Windows 10 runs slow for me and has done all the time.

  • Scott

    W10 is really slow for me, been like it since I upgraded.

  • Tony

    Now sure why MS didn’t make it clearer to get a fast install from the start, rather than slow Windows 10 upgrades using the standard install.

  • Ben

    I already upgraded to Windows 10, so this fix worked perfectly for me. Really found it slow at boot up, but now things are much faster.

    • Sid

      Hi Guys,

      Yesterday, I did an upgrade from Win7 to Window 10 Home. Using the media creation tool. During the upgrade, I had selected “Keep Nothing” option. The Windows 10 is activated now. Does this mean my system went through a “Clean Install”?

      I can also see “Windows.old” folder with around 22 GB of data. Will running the disk cleanup tool be sufficient or do I need to perform it again using USB or Bootable DVD?

      Please advice.

      • TrickyDickie

        The word is that using ‘reset my pc’ is the same as a fresh install.