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Choose how Windows 10 updates are delivered

There is a new feature that allows you to choose how you would like Windows 10 updates to be delivered. This is something far more important that you could imagine, especially if you have a limited bandwidth or an unreliable Internet connection.

Once you have gone over those Windows 10 privacy issues, you then need to consider a few more settings. The new problem that people have started to discover is that sharing your Internet connection for Windows 10 updates is selected by default.

Choose Windows 10 updates

This is not an issue if you have an unlimited bandwidth, or if your Internet connection is very reliable. The feature in question is called Windows Update Delivery Optimization, as it was developed to make updates faster.

The feature is pretty much how torrents work, as your computer is used as part of a peer, and so you will not always be downloading Windows 10 updates directly from Microsoft servers. We can already assume that some of you will not be happy with this default feature, and so would like to change the settings.

You can turn this feature off by going to Settings; Choose How Updates are Delivered, and then just turn it off. It is all very well Microsoft saying this helps to speed up updates or downloading apps, and they have also tried to put people’s mind at rest by saying that it does not cause any issues if you have limited bandwidth or an unreliable connection.

Whatever Microsoft says though, it would be nice to give the user the choice from the start instead of setting it by default.



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