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Smite scheduled server maintenance starts on Xbox

The Smite Xbox One beta started in June and if you are taking part, then you will notice Smite developers have scheduled some server maintenance today. You will notice Smite servers went down at 6:37am EDT, on July 30, which is for updates on the server side rather than a game update.

We knew earlier today that the scheduled maintenance would start at around 7AM, but it has in fact started a little earlier at 06:30 EDT or 11:30am in the UK. So, this has been ongoing for the last 30 minutes at the time of writing.


The Smite game is becoming a popular online third person action multiplayer and is developed by Hi-Rez Studios. You can see the regularly updated Smite server status page for Xbox One players at, which the above screenshot was just taken from moments ago and clearly identifies the downtime.

Are you enjoying this mythological game on Xbox One and if so, did the Smite maintenance take place at a time suited to your gaming? It’s not clear when the servers will return, so leave a comment below or on our dedicated Smite outage page if you see everything up and running again.



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