Life is Strange episode 5 release in Sept

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 30, 2015

The Life is Strange episode 5 release date is receiving a prediction by the same people that got previous episode dates correct, which is currently marked with a download window between Aug 26 to Sept 2, 2015. This isn’t official of course, but we know the first few episode predictions were spot on, although the 4th instalment missed it by a few weeks.

It seems the change in timeframe was due to Episode 4 being postponed with a new date, as we saw with the July 28 release date. Today, after a few of our readers played through the latest part of this game, we received requests in regard to when they might expect the next episode? From the information given in official sources and of course solid predictions in the past, it’s unclear if we will see a slight change in the timeframe due to a setback this month.

Life is Strange episode 5 release date adjustment – we note the speculation on a few Steam Community pages hasn’t changed for the next episode, with rumors still pointing to a window between August 26th and September 2nd for PlayStation platforms. Considering adjustments to the current episode that didn’t make its early July window, it’s almost certain you will see Life is Strange episode 5 release in September rather than late August.


While this is all speculation, the rumors on Reddit this week pointing to late August link to the original source, which adjusted it’s July window and didn’t make a new adjustment for episode 5 after this delay. So, rather than “potentially releasing near the end of August”, look towards early Sept instead for both Steam and PS3/PS4 platforms.

What do you hope to see from Life is Strange episode 5? Is there a way you want to see the story unfold, also how did you rate Episode 4? Leave comments below and watch out for spoilers.

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  • Ashrit Goyal

    well when we were in the flashback in episode 4 guys during Chloe’s alternative timeline did u see max’s mobile , ma saying that u are spending too much money and / or someone I cant remember saying that u are hanging out with the wrong people and association with Nathan umm I’m damned guys actually all of u are making simple speculations of rewinding back to picture with warren but I think in the alternate reality max is Rachel ? and in the end max had no powers and the teaser’s voice ” please don’t do this ” seemed max’s I think what would happen if devs would think about max going to the other reality see the other reality cant just be erased some strings had been pulled we did or did not kill the nervous system paralyzed kate there is something with those mobile messages no one I repeat NOONE is focusing on

  • Ashrit Goyal

    well when we were in the flashback in episode 4 guys during Chloe’s alternative timeline did u see max’s mobile , ma saying that u are spending too much money and / or someone I cant remember saying that u are hanging out with the wrong people and association with Nathan umm I’m damned guys actually all of u are making simple speculations of rewinding back to picture with warren but I think in the alternate reality max is Rachel ? and in the end max had no powers and the teaser’s voice ” please don’t do this ” seemed max’s I think what would happen if devs would think about max going to the other reality see the other reality cant just be erased some strings had been pulled we did or did not kill the nervous system paralyzed kate there is something with those mobile messages no one I repeat NOONE is focusing on

    • OK

      You lost me. Can you explain better

  • JenS

    Max is going to time travel back to the beginning, she would have used a lot of power so that could cause her to forget about the future, its like a consent loop. The reason of the tornado is max’s powers if Chloe wasn’t shot max wouldn’t have used her power, therefore she wouldn’t know about them, not causing max to mess with the universe. So basically Chloe has to die but she doesn’t know that because she lost her memories

    • Ashrit

      nope doesn’t seem so rather I would say that in episode 4 when we are in the alternate timeline do check max’s messages once in the phone u’ll be surprised dad writes u are spending too much someone else says u are becoming friends with the wrong people nad association with Nathan

  • gilgamesh

    mr jeffersan trapped max and will kill her so i guess warren needs to help max excape and then max can go back in time when max and warren took the picture togetter and save chloe

    • JediMasterKAC

      Warren was either lying about what he drank, and he was intoxicated, or was drugged. He is most definitely not coming to the rescue. My bet is either David will (seeing as he knew the most) or Max saves herself.

  • Neg Miller

    In ep 5, Warren took a picture with Max. The actual camera that Warren was using was Max’s camera, so I guess Max can actually go back in time to save Chloe.

  • Ayumi Carol

    Heh, I figured it out, I know exactly what’s going to happen next. you guys just weren’t looking hard enough

    • JediMasterKAC

      Oh yeah? Care to share, oh wise and almighty one?

  • Xan.Dra

    I just spent so much time reading through your theories and comments.
    I love them all.

    Jefferson as Nathans dad….. maybe not, but i dont doubt he isnt related…. Mark Jefferson could be a cover name for his photography. I also have ALWAYS figured we would go back to the blue butterfly photo at the beginning and max will actually enter the everyday heros contest with her original photo she tore up in the beginning of episode 1.

    I think- unlike MANY games like this- (tell tale has nothing on dont nod) that YOUR selections will play a great deal in the finale. Ive played about 4 play throughs, and seriously- STUFF is different. and not just a little different, i can see different endings coming out of how YOU particularly played. Especially in some key points… .Did you kill frank? If not- i bet you tell him Nathan killed rachel, and FRANK kills nathan and mr prescott? I also think David Madson comes back into this somewhere. BUT i see his involvment (helpful or hurtful) depending on how you treated him in Chloes kitchen after speaking with the principal.

    Seriously… this game was amazing and i cant wait for the last episode… and then ill play it all over again… WHEN DOES THE LAST EPISODE RELEASE!? PLEAASE DONT WAIT UNTIL 10.11 ……. cause thats cute and all… but, ahh the anticipation is killing me.

    • gilgamesh

      max doesnt need to let nathan kill chloe in episode 4 she took a selfie with warren so she can use that photo to go back in time and save chloe

  • Rawb

    The biggest problems with a lot of the fan theories I’ve seen on the internet:
    Max could only travel back to the picture time because she was IN the picture. Remember her talking about being in her 13 year old body? She can only go back to a picture she is actually in, which is why they made it so forced that Warren took a picture with her. Don’t know how this will happen, but it will

    2. Sean Prescott has been seen by multiple people in Blackwell, so there’s no way he’s also Mr. Jefferson. Several people in the Vortex Club, Victoria included have talked about him and I doubt they’re paying off half the school to keep a secret like that.

    • John Fisher

      I like your theory it makes a lot of sense, I’ve played the game three time went thru all the clues listen to all the conversations. I think you’ve nailed it, how it plays out in Episode 5 should be interesting. Not sure how the who is going to rescue Max, scenario is going to happen. My guess is that David depending on whether or not you sided with him or Chloe will be the hero. Thing is there are multiple characters with multiple possibilities. David seems the most likely because he has access to Chloe’s laptop with the map of the secret bunkers location. Now Nathan maybe on the outside chance Mr.Jefferson and Nathan aren’t hitting on all notes and get into some sort of argument may be a possibility.

  • Who I am isn’t the point.

    One theory I have:
    I keep thinking that Max is going to look at the picture of the blue butterfly from the very beginning of the game and go back to the beginning where we get the option to either kill/stop Nathan then and there, let Chloe die, or kill/stop Mr. Jefferson. But then again, I’ve always thought from the very beginning that all the natural phenomena is nature freaking out over Max’s time jumping. By the time Max decides to go back to the blue butterfly picture, which I think would be near the end of the game, nature will have finally had enough and that is what finally sets off the tornado.

    A Second theory I have:
    I’m still clinging to the idea that we will end up jumping back to the beginning of the game and finally come to the conclusion that we cannot change the future, and Max will just let things happen the way the were meant to happen before she started meddling. If crap wants to happen it is going to happen eventually. Which is why we keep saving Alyssa. Sure, we can save her today but fate (or whatever you want to call it) will try and do something to her again tomorrow, and the process repeats until fate finally wins. Same thing with the bird we keep saving. Even when we went back to try and save William. Either we lose William in a car accident or we lose Chloe (technically we didn’t lose her in the car accident but handicapped Chloe does ask us to kill her). One soul for another. Can’t save both.

  • Chelsea Marie

    Hey guys. My name is Chelsea, and I run the tumblr page “Thatsnarechick”. You can type in the tag “lis spoilers” or “life is strange polarzied” for some spoilers to episode 5 that could help put some pieces together. I’ve written out numerous preditctions on groups on facebook according to the info I have. Go ahead and give it a look! My other “spoilers” haven’t been wrong before! As for a release date, I don’t have one. But, you can make your own predictions based off the info I’ve given.

  • Anon ;)

    Guys guys, go back to Episode 1. Really listen to Mr Jefferson’s lines

    • Sydney

      I just did and he said “seriously though I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a..” (it cut off because the person in the video clicked on something) but if that’s not a giant clue I dont know what is!

      • Kibetha

        “I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation … Isn’t that too easy? Too obvious? What if Arbus chose to capture people at the height of their beauty or innocence?”

        I seriously applaud the writers for having the plot twist put out there so blatantly in one of the FIRST LINES of the game. And yet it was still a massive reveal. That takes some balls. And wow, they must have felt pretty smug watching us all stumble around like headless chickens, haha.

        • JediMasterKAC

          I know right? They introduced us to one of the villains RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. Not only that, but they gave him one of the most sinister lines and we thought nothing of it.

  • Line Levasseur

    I Also think that David was driving the car that hits William.

  • Line Levasseur

    Why in the first episode, Jefferson says that Max is special? And we see Jefferson’s car in the pictures with the cars plates. We see a dispute between the principal and Jefferson at the end of episode 3. Jefferson has a grey car. Also, in the alternate reality where Cloe is handicap, Max goes to to Clhoe’s old room, she founds a box and she mentions that the family never talks about William’s brother… Still to many questions unanswered. Aldo, we learn in Nathan’s book thT he has a Nice sister somewhere.

  • Raylaya Albert

    Tbh I think Chloe is DEAD and That Mr.jefferson is going to do the same thing he did to Kate and Rachel however I’m pretty sure he works for the Prescotts and they paid him to do that I’m just ready to see episode five

  • T.M. B.

    If you go back into Chloe and Rachel’s hideout at the end of the episode 4 . the graffiti on the wall that use to say Chloe was here and Rachel was here ,now says Chloe was here ,Rachel IS here spray painted over in red. I didn’t chose to write max was here because I suspected early in the game someone was trying to set Chloe up and if u wrote Max was here .Max could of been framed too. Someone had to write over that after the fact because it didn’t say IS in episode 2.

  • T.M. B.

    In maxs diary she def says .just to find myself back in action with my best friend and her blue butterfly hair so that’s a great reference to Chloe being the butterfly

  • Michael Harris

    I think perhaps all the victims of the Dark Room have had similar or unique powers to Max, and the Prescotts know this (or Jefferson found out about them and made a deal with the Prescotts). They decide to get these ‘gifted’ and get rid of them. By killing these gifted individuals its creating the storm and disaster that is coming to Arcadia Bay. Jefferson may have a power himself perhaps. Also what is the deal with Alyssa as I keep helping her? Jefferson suspected Victoria was gifted and was the one who was poking around, but at the party realised it was Max. The Doe, Blue Jay, Butterfly and Lisa (the plant) are involved. Maybe the Doe, Butterfly and Blue Jay are all Rachel trying to communicate with Max?

  • Tom Ashworth

    I want to tackle something, or rather someone: Jefferson. I think I know why he’s doing this, it’s not the usual reasons we all probably think – you know, the typical ‘artist-who-went-too-far’ gimmick. No, I think it goes deeper than that, which is why I still think Nathan is a willing participant in all of this.

    I think Mark Jefferson is Sean Prescott.

    Consider: When we go into the Dark Room, we find Nathan’s jacket along with a number of documents that pretty much pins the Prescotts to that room. He’s also got a style: death and torment, and he’s good at it. So where does Jefferson come in? How does that make him Nathan’s douche of a dad? Well rewind (ha) back to Episode 1, remember the video camera Max can comment on. She puts its value at $20,000. I guarantee no photographer makes that kind of money, not even the very best. So how can Jefferson afford it? Well either, he’s done some seriously good work for some seriously powerful people, or he’s connected to those powerful people in another way.

    How does this make him Sean Prescott? Well keep in mind we’ve never actually seen Sean in this game….wait a minute, we have. There’s a photo of him with little Nathan. Clean shaven maybe, and tinted glasses instead of full rims, but look at that hair…and the shape of his face. Just add a bit of fuzz and…

    So why the pseudonym? Why this secrecy? Well, it’s my guess that this sort of thing is some sort of sick family tradition and now Sean is grooming Nathan to join him in his madness. Which explains Kate: she was Nathan’s initiation, but somewhere he screwed up.

    Unlike Rachel, Kate is still alive. Somewhere along the way Nathan chickened out, forcing Sean to do damage control in the form of pushing her to the edge and driving her to commit suicide. Frustrated with his son’s failure to get it right, Sean picks the next victim for Nathan: Victoria. What he didn’t bank on however was Blackwell’s “Everyday Hero” Max Caulfield to be so hot on his tail.

    Fortunately all the evidence points towards Nathan and the Prescotts, not Mark Jefferson, so Max is comfortable with telling him she’s looking for Nathan at the party. Alarmed, he calls Nathan and tells him to get her and Chloe away from the school so he can run further damage control, and get himself a new model in the process.

    And (admittedly hopefully) kill that Joffrey Clone whilst he’s at it.

    Probably wrong, but my mind’s been working on this for the last week. Agree? Disagree? See any gaping holes? I’m up for a debate people!

    • أمل (Hope)

      Some say the buried corpse might belong to Nathan, not Rachel’s. What do you think? Since they didnt see the face of the corpse as my memory serves me. Maybe Rachel is a villain after all?

      • Tom Ashworth

        No. I’m pretty sure the body is Rachel’s, that corpse has been there for more than just a few hours. They might not have seen the face, but then considering the time that’s gone by her body would be pretty decomposed.
        Nope, Nathan is alive, well, and helping his pyscho dad. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        • Tara

          I have the feeling the corpse could be nathans, if Rachel has been gone as long as the gane says, her corpse would be a lot more decompsed then that. Unless of course, nathan and jefferson kept her alive until reciently.

        • Tom A.

          It can’t be Nathan, the ground where the body is buried shows no sign of recent disturbance, something that would be clear if he was dumped there only a couple of hours after Warren laid the smackdown on him.
          Sorry but this is one theory that doesn’t hold for me.
          Tell ya what though? I’ll bet killing him is something we can do in Ep 5. Death by tornado…now that is satisfaction. Bloody little Joffrey clone.

        • Chad Smith

          I’m impressed with your theory on his identity. The instant episode 4 ended my wife turned to me and said ” I bet Jefferson is Sean Prescott” your the first person other than her that I have seen with the same theory. One of the reasons she cited that theory was the one email you found in which Sean was angry with Nathan and made a comment about him yelling his name out in public and how that can’t happen again.

        • Christy Drennan

          I think it is Nathan that is in the hole, you don’t see the jacket because Jefferson took it from him and left it on the couch in the bunker. And earlier on in episode 4, everyone says that they haven’t seen or heard from Nathan, and when you leave the party you receive a message from Nathan’s phone which was stolen by Jefferson after he supposedly kills him with the gun you see him with when he kills Chloe.

          This is my opinion on the debate on why I think Nathan is in the hole.

    • T.M. B.

      No holes you are all the way with this. And this sounds just like where the story is going. I thought I was obsessed this is an emaculate analysis.

      • Tom Ashworth

        Next I’ll do a full lecture on how this game is going to end. There will be diagrams and everything.

    • Rachael

      But at the end of episode 4 how do you explain that?

      • Tom A.

        I’m fairly sure I did…what’s the issue?

    • Christy Drennan

      I think it is Nathan that is in the hole, you don’t see the jacket because Jefferson took it from him and left it on the couch in the bunker. And earlier on in episode 4, everyone says that they haven’t seen or heard from Nathan, and when you leave the party you receive a message from Nathan’s phone which was stolen by Jefferson after he supposedly kills him with the gun you see him with when he kills Chloe.

      This is my opinion on the debate of whether or not Nathan is in the hole.

    • amy

      Nop mark isn’t Sean and mark is Nathan sick psychiatric as said in the letter that was in the dark room as soon as you enter it and that’s why his so rich and instead of fixing Nathan he’s encouraging him to express himself in that crazy way so mark can use Nathan to get him involved if they get caught all fingers are pointing at Nathan anyway cuz isn’t everyone against Nathan for a reason.

    • JediMasterKAC

      Except you are missing the fact that at the party Logan said he saw Sean Prescott, and Jefferson was at the very same party. Logan knows Jefferson well enough. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t say that if they were the same person.

  • Maxine

    You know those beached whales? Well, Max is messing with time, time messes with moon phases, moon phases mess with the tide. See where I’m going? All this climate change and crazy weather is Max’s fault.

    • T.M. B.

      Love where your going and if that’s the case max has been altering time from before the classroom incident. She must be in a never ending time warp of her doing everything to change the future over and over again. I still think she may be already dead or had to kill herself for evything to be normal. It’s following the same storyline as the movie butterfly effect and if this is the case I’m not that interested n e more … Sad face

  • Nico Lugo

    What I think is that Mr. Jefferson might not be the killer. Max was drugged so she could’ve been hallucinating. I have 3 suspects; Jefferson, Nathan, and Sean Prescott. But if it was Jefferson than i think either David, Warren, or Nathan will save Max.

  • 20848mya

    i think that max is going to look at the picture of her and warren and travel back and warn chloe about what will happen

    • random

      thats gotta be what happens

    • Tom Ashworth

      Please let that be true!

    • Amber

      That was my first thought when I saw her get shot

    • XxSwagzBeastzxX

      But Warren has the picture and Max has been taken to the dark room

    • Neg Miller

      The camera that warren used was max’s. So we’re really not sure if Warren has the photo.

  • Christopher Hull

    what about the bird we keep helping to set free

    • T.M. B.

      Great point the bird could be Chloe since she’s really meant to die too …Chloe the bird, father the doe and rachel the butterfly I would love to see this all come together. I’m also starting to think Nathan is dead or mr. Jefferson has some weird plan to set Nathan up and make it look like he did all of it.

  • T.M. B.

    The doe must be Chloe’s father it was also graffiti of a doe on the bathroom wall in the diner where Joyce works. The butterfly is most likely Rachel , to verify this the butterfly drawing being in the bedroom upstairs when Chloe is paralyzed to me symbolizes a room full of things Chloe would never see or be a part of after the accident and the doe globe was still on her dresser in her room symbolizing her dad still with her. And don’t forget right now episode 4 ended with Max captured she has no access to her photos so she is probably going to have to free herself first. And in the bunker Jefferson probably brouGht along her photo bag she’ll use them and go back to a safer point with more knowldge. But at what point would you rewind to now that youve convince everyone that it must be Nathan? It seems Chloe is meant to die because max couldn’t save William either,but she saved Kate and Kate was also suppose to die. …….I think we know less now then when we started…lmao principal wells quote. Illovvvvve this game

  • Turbosloth

    My prediction. She’ll go back in time to the moment Warren took the pic of her and save Chloe, but in the end Chloe will still probably die and the tornado will kill loads of people. That’s when Max will focus on the picture of the butterfly at the start, go back to then and let Chloe die…because all the animal deaths and weird occurrences are a result of her changing time. But she uses all the information she has to bust everyone involved in Rachel’s death too.

    • Deathly Doom

      I think this too. great prediction.

  • David Ryan

    Ok since i’m a fan of Mr. Jefferson and really don’t want him to be the bad guy, my theory is that maybe Max was hallucinating Mr. Jefferson after being injected with the sedation, who knows maybe it’s not Jefferson.

    • Nico Lugo

      Finally someone who understands!!!!! And also why would they give that away!? I mean seriously!!

    • Tom Ashworth

      You’re right, it’s not Jefferson. Because Mark Jefferson isn’t his name! He’s Sean Prescott!
      (Not a spoiler, just a fan’s rabid imagination)

    • JediMasterKAC

      It’s Jeffersonofabitch.

  • Mr. Jefferson is Nathan’s handler & Nathan is a victim of classic trauma based mind control/ mk ultra. Nathan’s job was to bring young girls to Jefferson to take pictures of for someone in Nathan’s family (Nathan’s dad/uncle?) for either some sick fetish, or some other dark reasoning. Nathan is dead too. Too many ignored warnings from his father. Samuel is going to play a bigger role in episode 5 because he’s obviously a god/watcher/time traveler type of character. Max might get stuck in time. Max might be The homeless lady behind the two whales diner. Same cereal box. Season 2 might be a whole other story with different characters as in true detective, or American horror story. I feel like this story will could be wrapped up in 3 more hours. Anybody?

    • JcMoyKid

      max as the old homeless lady behind the diner tho? i need to go rewatch that to find out…hmm

  • j.d.gade

    I think the Doe is Rachel’s spirit animal back in episode 2 you see the doe and take a pic of it around where Rachel is buried like she’s trying to tell max I’m here.

    • Alycia Kathleen

      I agree.
      Also, the doe disappears once Chloe and Max find her body.

  • tswiftfan

    yeah you def better be able to save Chloe. I do think unfortunately Rachel is dead, but bringing down Jefferson will bring her justice.

    • Max

      Are we forgetting every photo max has ever taken? She can basically travel to any point in her life given her new power. I think if you play your cards right you may be able to even save Rachel in the next episode. Just a thought though.

      • kbroxmysox

        Well Max and Warren took that picture at the party. That’s obviously going to come into play in a big way.

        • Villeret Jeffrey

          o.O i dont remember this… is it an optional event?

        • Turbosloth

          No, he takes a picture with you in a cut-scene basically no option to avoid it.

      • Intompra

        But max has never met Rachel and has never taken a picture with her so I don’t think she can exactly save her that way since she was murdered by the time she came back home and Max can only go back to a time where she was actually there. (is what I think at least)

        • Natalie Sanchez

          But don’t you think it can be possible for Max to be able to travel back in time through a picture in which was taken around the same time before Rachel was reported missing, Max now able to warn her of the future?

  • BloodyGore

    My theory : Max will look at the selfie selfie warran and jump back and warn Chloe
    My 2nd theory: Mr.Jefferson will figure out max can rewind time (why else would he keep says You have a gift to max) and figure out HOW she can
    Can Rachel time travel like max plz answer

    • Max

      I have the an extremely similar theory. I do believe someone else has this power like max, honestly this isn’t based on much… call it a hunch.. I do however think Rachel has something to do with the doe that has been guiding max along her journey. Actually to be more specific I think Rachel IS that doe. In the second episode we see the doe for a split second, right where Rachel’s body is buried. I believe this was her way of saying “here I am”. However she may have had powers over time, if she did it would explain how she knew about the coming storm and was able to warn max in the first episode. Oh gosh listen to me I’ve gone on a rant… I would LOVE to hear any other thoughts.

      • Miljan D.

        I actually think the doe represents William (Chloe’s dad). When she goes back in the picture, you can see a doe snow globe on the fireplace. The blue butterfly, however, could be Rachel, because in one of the pictures she has a blue feather earring.
        Anyways, I think the next episode with come with a much harder choice. Chloe was supposed to get shot in the bathroom scene from Ep1, that’s why before she met her unfortunate faith, the double moon disappears. The main choice I think will be to save Chloe, or save Arcadia Bay.

        • Samuel Robinson

          I’ve actually been thinking since the first episode that that would be the ultimate choice to make. Such an excellent game! I can’t wait to see what these guys do after this game, it’s definitely in my top 5.

        • kbroxmysox

          Ooo damn…Save Your Best Friend vs Save A Corrupt Town….

          Hmm, I would chose Arcadia Bay because too many innocent people plus I think Chloe would tell yo too. Not because she cares about her town but because she cares about her mom.

          I definitely do think Chloe’s “destined” to die…

        • Villeret Jeffrey

          oh yeah… i forgot about the blue butterfly… i think your right… the blue butterfly has a HUGE significance but im not sure what exactly yet

        • Mariela Padilla

          U GUYS GOT IT ALL WRONG THE BLUE JAY IS Rachel’s spirit animal because she has the blue jay feather

      • kbroxmysox

        Did Rachel warn Max? Or do you mean the doe in the dreams? I can’t remember!

      • Villeret Jeffrey

        heres my theory: I think that Mr Jefferson knew from the very beginning that Max had the powers… I also think that Rachel had the same powers if not similar. and i am also wanting to say that Max and Rachel share a deeper connection thats not yet explained

    • Villeret Jeffrey

      My theory is that Mr Jefferson knew she had the ability all along…

    • Nico Lugo

      I don’t think so but i had a theory before. Since episode 4 is called dark room and we saw that thing that said Rachel in the dark room i thought maybe we’d find her in episode 4 (alive) and she would have a power that could help us stop the hurricanado

  • jayden

    Life is Strange 2 ?, CMON PLEASE

  • jayden

    The next episode shouldn’t end the series they should come out with episode 6 and so on

    • Samuel Robinson

      I’m thinking maybe they’ll end it with a bit of a hint at the possibility of season 2 or something, whether or not they intend to actually do more. After all, it’s all about time, so depending on the finale, who knows, sky’s the limit!

    • Nico Lugo

      I have an idea for a DLC. Rachel’s Story. You can play as Rachel and see what she was like until she died. You can make choices but since Rachel can’t rewind time all choices are final


    The picture!!! With Warren! Time Travel to that moment, CMON!

    • Villeret Jeffrey

      im not thinking i got the picture Q.Q thats weird

      • Amber

        It’s not a choice. He is outside the vortex club party drunk and snapped a picture “for prosperity” (I think they meant posterity)

  • James Merritt

    And i cant wait till life is strange episode 5 comes out i hope we can go back to save chole and bring down mr jeferson and he will pay the ultimate price

  • James Merritt

    I loved it I hope we can go back to save chole and bring down mr jeferson and he will pay the ultimate price

  • MiraiNikki

    i never thought that in the end of episode 4 was him, i am shock about that thing, seriously, what happen ????????????????????????????????/

    i am waiting episode 5, i cant contain my spirit to knew

  • Ñëõn Błøodlúst

    Really into this game. Episode 4 was so anticipated for me! I hadn’t felt that much anticipation for a game since TT The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5.

  • Shawn

    This game getting good I can’t not wait for the last episode how everything going end

  • Chloe

    I recommend you to go check out GeekRemix on YouTube. They actually guessed about everything right. Seriously, man. They even guessed the main complex concept. Crazy.

  • Natalie Gray

    They weren’t at all “spot on” with their Dark Room prediction.

  • Mikey

    Oh well, I can wait to Sept. This series has been amazing, loving it on PS4.

  • ben

    I agree, it’s not coming in Aug but I hope for early sept rather than late. I just can’t wait that long to see the ending.