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Disable Windows 10 data logging

Microsoft has come under a lot of pressure since its release of Windows 10, not so much with its features as yet, but more so with the inability for some people to either download or successfully install the update. Having said that, there is one concern that users have been expressing, and that is with the Windows 10 privacy terms.

With Microsoft receiving several complaints about these invasive W10 privacy terms, we would presume that they would make changes to alleviate tension, which will either be way of a hot fix, or maybe with the Windows 10 Service Pack 1.

How to disable data logging in Windows 10

In the meantime a thread on Reddit helps to explain how to disable Windows 10 data logging, and a very handy how to guide.

However, Reddit do warn that you change these settings at your own risk, as they could make Windows 10 less enjoyable. Having said that, it all comes down to personal choice, so have a look over the How to disable data logging in Windows 10 guide and let us know what you think?



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