Windows 10 update getting stuck for some

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 29, 2015

Microsoft is most likely aware that the Windows 10 update is getting stuck for some users during different points of the upgrade process, although it’s unclear if this is due to demand today, or thanks to other bugs. The list of problems related to Windows 10 getting stuck within tweets is never-ending and more are arriving every couple of minutes.

You can see a taste of reports below, which include Windows 10 getting stuck when “preparing to install”, when coming from a clean 8.1 install with the Windows 10 upgrade stopping at 91 percent for one user, or even stuck at a black screen with just a cursor. There’s no certain percentage and we’ve seen reports about the install stopping at all sorts of points, so this will be unrelated.


Is the Windows 10 update getting stuck for you today? If so, at what point did the upgrade stop and what was it doing at that point. If you haven’t seen the update yet, then you can force the process to start by following this quick how to.

During one of our tests the Windows 10 download got stuck at 60 percent and after our test PC restarted, it jumped back to 0 percent. We are not alone with issues and that’s clear on Twitter, but this should be expected when trying to download during the busiest period.

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  • X_Robert

    I stuck at black screen. 🙁 Tried to repair the faulty driver with Driver Talent in safe mode and I fixed this problem.

  • Chris Rose

    I had the same problem and discovered that there is a bug that is affecting the installation when you have anything plugged into your computer. Unplug all peripherals once the install starts and it should go smoothly. Good luck!

    • BlessedMK

      Hey Chris,
      If this is true, this is again a dumb thing done by MS.
      Mine is stuck at 97% for past 7 hours AND I have my wireless mouse received plugged-in :((

      But thanks for providing a ray of Hope… 🙂

  • linvingoutloud

    I was having trouble with my Toshiba lap top with 8.1 it kept shutting down at 29% install of drivers. I noticed that it got really hot during this process. I solved my problem by plugging in the power cord, removing the battery and setting the laptop on top of small fruit cup sized containers at the four corners, then putting a fan on high on a chair to blow over and under it. Then i downloaded the media tool and started the upgrade process. It completed without any problems.

  • Mike Loftus

    Got a laptop with 8.1, and am trying to install Windows 10 (free upgrade). I got past the initial ‘Preparing for installation…’ after a looong time, then it momentarily said ‘Downloading Windows 10’, and immediately then back to ‘Preparing for installation…’ Except THIS time, the green bar is not even showing any progress — it’s not there at all. What is going on?

  • yeah, mine has been saying “working on it” for the past two days.

  • my update has been going on for two whole days now. if anyone knows why. i am assuming it is because my laptop is not brand new and is a windows 7. but two days? i also probably didn’t have a lot of space left on it as well. i absolutely do not want to drop any of the programs i use. i need and use them all daily. how is it one does an install all over again if we want to just shut down and start over to see if it will just process again and quicker? i don’t want to leave my apt. and my lap top on because my room mate will surely start snooping around on my files. i have an HP. HP 2000-410US Notebook PC

    HP 2000-410US Notebook PC

    Model #: A6Z99UA

  • joe worm

    I was able to install Windows 10 (after a lot of trouble shooting). Then I tried doing a clean install (reset) because my pc has been buggy and I had been meaning to do that for months. Things went fine for the first hour of the reset but then it got stuck at 37% and hasn’t progressed for two days now.
    I have a USB with Windows 10 ready to install and got my product keys using Produkey before starting the reset. Maybe I should try installing from the USB instead. I’m afraid I’ll make things worse though by stopping the reset while it’s still “working”. Not sure what to do…

  • Fatih

    I’ve the same trouble, read all forums. The exact solution is: check your device manufacturer site. I have Sony Vaio Laptop, at the end I’ve seen that they no more recommend upgrade because of drivers are not ready yet. All experts says that 32% is the driver installation part, so if the drivers are not suitable for Win 10 do not try to upgrade, otherwise you loose your hours in front of the PC!

    • PivotTable

      I have a Sony VAIO laptop too and I’m having the same issue. The download just stops and disappears as if the process never started.

  • John Louis Madelo

    Stuck at “Checking for updates” screen acter the automated restart. What to do? I can’t do anything when I’m in this screen.

    • John Louis Madelo

      Please message me on facebook as I might forget about this site pls pls

      • emily

        mine did that and after turning my laptop off and on a few times it then worked…
        until now it is stuck on ‘preparing for the upgrade’ and I cant even close down the window.
        I need my laptop for school and have only just got it
        what should I do?

  • Adam S Walburger

    Check your router settings people. Mine kept getting stuck then I connected my computer to my mobile hotspot on my phone and it worked right away.

  • Adam S Walburger

    mine sits at “working on it”

    • Mathguy1

      So is mine. It keeps saying “Working on it” and nothing happens.

      • Adam S Walburger

        Do you have anything like open DNS or Tomato Router? I switched my computer to run on my mobile hotspot and it worked right away.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Mine gets stuck at different places for different OS. On my Windows 8.1 Home machine (DELL) it always gets stuck at ‘Getting setup files’ while trying to download windows 10 for an upgrade (which is free which is why I’m not doing a clean install). On my Windows 8.1 Pro machine (also Dell) it just keeps saying ‘something happened. Something happened’ and no solutions online have helped (such as resetting region/locale, etc). Nothing works. Regedit changes don’t work. Tips don’t work (tried dozens).

    No upgrades are possible it seems on a Dell computer. My desktop running Windows 7 professional wants to upgrade but as I don’t have a touch screen monitor there is no real reason for doing so and will stuck with Windows 7 forever and besides I doubt it would work on it either (custom built OEM OS). So why bother since it won’t work on my Dell XPS 12 laptop or my Dell XPS 18 that I use for the kids games. What a crock MS is by not making it a simple operation–it’s so paranoid about software piracy and someone getting ahead in line that it must have made many stupid rules for allowing the upgrade despite it’s promise that it’s free.

    If you can’t download it then it’s NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MS is a liar.

    • Tréan Baptiste

      I also have the same problem and tried all the fixes I could find on Google.
      Still no luck.

      I also tried Microsoft’s troubleshooting app for Windows Update and it always finds two or three errors, but fixes them all.

      Everytime my computer starts, Windows Update automatically shows
      that it’s checking for updates; few seconds later, it shows that its’
      downloading Windows 10 with the “Getting setup files…” status and gets
      stuck there for hours and hours.
      I tried stopping it and starting it again, but same thing happens eveytime.

      I’m pretty sure it’s downloading some files because when I check C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload, the size of said folder changes, but only to a certain amount (from around 17-53MB) then stops there for hours.
      The longest I’ve waited is about 10 hours.
      Been also doing all the “alleged fixes” found online, not one seemed to work, obviously.

    • Zider

      The UPGRADE is free, if you have a legal 7/8 installation, they never said the OS is free. Also, there is a LOT of improvements that has nothing to do with touch screens.

  • IHateMicro Soft

    Total BS from Microsoft. Do they not monitor forums for issues as obvious as these are? Their CEO touts how smoothly things have been going. Well, either he can’t read or refuses to. Tried 5 times – first reached 32%, all others 91%. This is ridiculous but par for the bug-infested Microsoft products.

  • Joe

    After downloading windows 10 my Verizon games on demand are not working, called Verizon several times no solution as of yet!

  • Peter Kennedy

    mine gets to 32% complete and 6%drivers done and then switches my comp off …i have to manualt switch comp on nd then it restes its self back to the version was using…10 times ive tried…it installs if its a fresh instll but u need to buy a key…