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ROBLOX maintenance completes with problems

Roblox maintenance is now complete, but not without a few technical problems that can clearly be seen within the browser. This massively multiplayer online game cannot be accessed by some after ROBLOX went down today for maintenance, which is due to an error message being printed at the top of the ROBLOX website that redirects to an offline page.

The message you will see in both Firefox and Safari states, “Roblox maintenance is complete. you must restart your web browser to get into ROBLOX”. We have done just this and every time you head to, it redirects again to


We have looked for a fix, but it’s clear these problems after the downtime seem to be related to the ROBLOX servers and some sort of glitch. We have reached out to the developers for comment, but are yet to receive a statement.

Are you seeing the error message about ROBLOX maintenance complete and not able to play this online game? If you don’t know much about ROBLOX, then in a nutshell it’s a massively multiplayer game that’s aimed at those between 8 and 18, so you can be sure thousands are not liking this message during summer breaks.



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