PSN status unchanged, users report servers down

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 29, 2015

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on with the PlayStation Network servers right now and Sony’s official PSN status page hasn’t reported any problems, but we are receiving reports that PSN is down on July 29, 2015. Players are hunting to find out if Destiny servers are down, Advanced warfare is in maintenance, or if GTA V and FIFA 15 has problems, but so far it looks like it’s not the game servers having issues today.

If you look at the PSN status page here, then you will see everything is fine and green without red alerts from Sony. This totally conflicts with tweets arriving every few seconds asking, “is PSN bugging out for GTA or is GTA servers down”, or ” Is PSN down? I can’t seem to login this morning?”.


Users also wonder why the PSN status page doesn’t update quick enough, as seen with this tweet “does your psn status website have an error code also #psn #psndown #refund”. We know the status page takes a few minutes to update, but from what we’ve seen reported by PS4 and PS3 owners, services have been down for many games for over 30 minutes.

Is PSN down for you right now and if so, what game are you trying to play on PS4 or PS3? Leave your reports below and if the status page updates, or we receive a statement from Sony, then you can be sure this page will be updated.

Update: It looks like the issues were only for PS4 owners and everything has gone back to normal now.

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  • Alonzo

    I want to play gta v online again because my friends are playing it and am I the only one that have this problem.

  • Max

    Ps4 gta online down for 24hr+ from the Netherlands trying every thing nothing works … Fix it psn rockstar !! People pay a lot of money for the games + add ons

  • Danial Gingras

    Been down for 10 hrs now here in Singapore. Not happy at all. Since having to pay to play online it’s been nothing but issues, miss the days of playing free on my PS3. SONY GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  • Markus

    All my games are downloaded. I can’t play any of them. It won’t even connect me to YouTube completely. Wtf

  • Uta Kvaratskhelia

    Yes my psn in ps4 is down it started with FIFA 15 then I can see my account but if I want to sign in after sometime I get error now tried war thunder after long wait it did load. strange

  • Misael Rosario Saez

    Problem resolve thanks E.Geeziss it was an update downloaded just needed an installation in settings.

  • Ben Conboy

    Been out since yesterday morning for me, trying the SU and see if that makes a difference! *Edit* No difference – internet connection but PSN servers aren’t responding

  • E. Geeziss

    Anyone still experiencing problems go to Settings>System Software Update & install the latest patch. I just did & I’m back on the grid.

    • Peter Sheldon Rutherford

      That didn’t work for me :/

    • Danial Gingras

      Didn’t work for me, have already installed latest updates

      • Collman

        Go settings click system update and you see the update that’s why

  • Nicholas

    Its up now…woot

  • AnonymUce

    I cant sign in but i can play online. Glitch maybe?

  • Elias Saire

    ITS DOWN AGAIN ! can’t play call of duty

  • Martin Cain

    Psn down again? Is Sony zip their lips, and tell us nothing about what’s happened??

  • Titanium0105

    Yep. It sure is down. I think it might be a ddos attack, as it is only processes that involve connecting to/contactin the servers. I have restarted my modem. Fine. It seems like features of games and the system slowly die. For example, rocket league was working fine but advanced warfare wasn’t. When i went into my system info tab in advanced warfare, it said i was getting 64 kbp/s with an open nat type. Whereas it is usually a type 2 nat with a download speed of 4164 kbp/s…
    i hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Heated

    Can’t play elder scrolls fkin psn when it was free we had less outages makes no sense wtf is ask the money going to.

  • omnislashgg

    Psn is definitely down. Can’t play Destiny. To think I just came back to it after 6 months.

  • Oreo Salad

    Psn is down for me, I was unable to play Elder Scrolls Online. I was also having problems for the mobile app, leading me to believe it’s down all around. I’m beginning to think they only update the status of the website if enough reports are made, so they seem to be online more than they actually are.

  • Mike Lopez

    Can’t play destiny on my ps4 I am online though :/

  • Steve

    psn down and I havent been able to get get online for 20 minutes, I wanted to play Destiny.