Force Windows 10 update explained

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 29, 2015

Some people have been looking how to force Windows 10 to update when they don’t receive a notification, especially after their OS failed to launch the install process. If Microsoft hasn’t given you the go ahead just yet, then you might want to force the Windows 10 update rather than wait for your turn when a wave arrives.

How to force Windows 10 to update – Rather than watching the “notify you when ready” message from the install app, just force Windows 7/8 to download the files by navigating to “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download”, but change this if you use a different drive letter, and then delete all the files you find at that location. Before you do this, remember taking these steps will be at your own risk, so backup everything before you start.

Force Windows 10 update explained

After you are ready, just hit the Windows key and type “Windows Update” then click on the correct icon to start. Once you done this, open the command prompt and type CMD, but run as a administrator by right clicking rather than clicking the enter key.

The magic starts by typing “wuauclt.exe /updatenow”, although don’t click enter, as you want to focus the Windows Update app to find the files and then pop back to the Windows Update window and now click “Check for updates”, then quickly enter the command in the prompt window you opened earlier.

Did this help force Windows 10 to update for you today? We have heard about error 80240020 being experienced by a few people as well, so feel free to let us know if you found a fix for that error, or if you have any other problems during the install process.

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  • Hudaya

    Mine was stuck at 35% of installation when “installation features and drivers” reach 6%.. And already retry 5 times.. With the exactly same stuck point!! Aaargh!

  • carol argo

    I had issue on a laptop.and it was related to the web connection speed .if it isn’t fast enough it might cause problem because the power saver might kick in .

  • Myron Havis

    The instructions to force the update worked as advertised, but, every time, the update fails with Code 80240020 right after completing Preparing for Installationand there doesn’t seem to be an answer. I installed Windows 10 on my other computer, a newer Dell, with no problem. This is a 2 year old HP, but they are both running Windows 8.1.

  • Sue

    I just tried installing last night and today when I looked at it all I had was the date and time on my screen. So I restarted my computer and got a recovery error “the boot configuration data file is missing some required info. Error 0xc0000034 call your pc admin. So I called Microsoft they had me turn off hold shift and tap f8 and power up. Didn’t work!!! So he could connect me to a tech which would cost ME $100 for them to fixed. Really!!# How fair is that?

  • Jose Escobar

    Mine is stuck right after it restarted it only shows the windows logo

  • imran shahzad

    plz tell how to fix that ”
    struck at Preparing for installation”

  • imran shahzad

    struck at preparing for installation

  • Deanna Gamble

    Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 92%…configuring settings 70% for about an hour. Wait it just started again–now at 95%, configuring settings 81%. I may get through this after all.

  • aray

    Mine is stuck at 6%. How do I fix it?

  • Vignesh Chandraprakash

    Struck @ preparing for installation ….. any advice ?

  • h2ocub

    Black screen and cursor no keyboard control no right click control, control alt delete doesn’t respond, did microsoft just crash my computer?

  • Jen

    This worked for me! What this error means is, your Windows 10 installation folder is unfinished and/or corrupted. Now, how do you fix that?1. Go into “C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload” and delete everything in that folder.
    2. Now, type in cmd in windows search box. do not hit enter or seach. Right click cmd and run the command prompt as an administrator. Type in “wuauclt.exe /updatenow”. and hit enter
    3. Go to your Control Panel > Windows Update and your Windows 10 should start re-downloading from scratch, hopefully without flaws this time.

  • Khaleel

    Also getting same error message “Windows Update 80240020” Please help

  • N’silu Ferreira

    i also get an error, and it’s not udating i’ve tried it 3 times and everytime i do, the download file gets bigger.

  • Scott Bennett

    I keep getting 80200001 Errors 🙁 tried this but it didn’t work for me 🙁

    Anyone got any ideas?

    • N’silu Ferreira

      it doesn’t work

  • Lewis

    I got windows 10 error 80240020, any ideas?

    • N’silu Ferreira

      same error

  • Sol

    Thanks a lot, that did the trick. Update has started.

    • Mike

      I had a few issues getting it to work, but it’s now started, finally.