Xur selling Patience and Time in July 24 items

It’s been a week since Xur shocked Destiny players by not having a weapon on sale last week. Bungie has said that they couldn’t fix the problem last week, but promised that Xur will be selling a weapon for July 24 without an issue.

With this in mind, what are you hoping to see? Unsurprisingly, we have seen calls for Bungie to step in and make Xur sell the Gjallarhorn or Icebreaker to make up for last week’s crisis.

Other predictions that we have seen from users include the Thunderlord exotic machine gun and the Suros Regime exotic auto rifle.


These are obviously only guesses though and nobody can tell what Xur will have. Last week was still a good one despite no weapon since he had the elusive Celestial Nighthawk and the Eternal Warrior the week before.

Xur will be spawning soon so we will update this to let you know what Xur is selling for July 24 as soon as possible. As we wait for him to arrive in the tower, let us know what you want to see considering that we didn’t have a weapon last week.

Would Gjallarhorn or Icebreaker allow Bungie to be forgiven? Remember to check Xur’s location on map here.

Update: Xur is now live in the Tower and he is selling a weapon at last. He has the Patience and Time, along with The Armamentarium, Young Ahamkara’s Spine and Starfire Protocol.

Anything take your fancy this week?



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