Comprehensive Hyundai Creta review is coming

The Hyundai Creta was finally launched a few days ago in India and from what we can make out got a positive reaction. While we may already know a lot about the new SUV, we will learn more once those Hyundai Creta reviews are released. However, for now we have to put up with a few early reviews that do not go into too much detail.

We already know that a comprehensive Hyundai Creta review is coming from OverDrive, and to help whet your appetite they have come up with a quick drive review.

Hyundai Creta review

During the test drive the reviewer covers many of the most important factors, such as design and styling, space and interior, engines, ride and handling, features and price.

This review is already a good read, and so we cannot wait to see what the more detailed Hyundai Creta review has to offer. Once that more comprehensive review is released we should get a clearer picture of how this SUV compares to the Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

We can already tell that Hyundai has worked a lot on key areas, such as comfort and safety, and with a lot of variants on offer, you will find yourself battling as to which would be the most suitable. Having said that, if money is not so much of an issue, then it will not be tough to decide going for the top of the range trim level.



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