Soundcloud is down, no ETA on fix

It seems as though many of you are experiencing issues with Soundcloud, as the music streaming service is down. The issues started around 15:00 CET/ 06:00 PST, although users have been kept fully up-to-date as to the situation.

Soundcloud is down today, 23 July, 2015 and the downtime is being felt by all, but the good news is the team looking in to the problem have found what the issue is. Engineers have said that they aim to get the service up and running as soon as possible. Having said that, they currently have no ETA on when full services will resume.

Soundcloud is down

The good news is that service is slowly recovering, and engineers hope that Soundcloud will be working again soon.

Some users have said this is becoming a regular occurrence, although we are not certain as to how true this is. Having said that, some of our readers have been saying that Soundcloud is getting worse and have no end of issues, with then becoming more frequent.

Do yo think this service has been slowly getting worse?



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